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  1. i can attest to the fact that shit is way steeper than when you're on skis. last summer, i walked from the summit lodge to sixer and thought i was gonna die. pretty sure my wife and dog wanted to murder me because i originally (and honestly) didn't think it was nearly as steep a walk as it was. did the chairlift ride, you can walk wherever you want, they just emphasize to get back to the quad before whatever time it stops running. be forewarned that it's gonna be a blue square walk to main st and a double black diamond one back to the quad... edit - nvm i just remembered sidewinder was roped off, so maybe not everywhere
  2. i saw taht a cpl days ago, my guess is they're connecting where CS hits paradise at the bottom?
  3. not seeing value in that one but thanks for the heads up. they registered at least 3 entities in DE - BMR Resort, LLC, Blue Mountain Resort, LLC and BMR Operations, LLC.
  4. it's not always about having a website. sometimes it's about preventing someone else from putting whatever they want there. they also might have wanted to have @bmrrresort.com email accts since its a combo of tuthill+blue+ksl.
  5. i went to try and snag bmrresort.com but it was registered Apr 2021. they are not incorporated in denver. i went to colorado's site, no results, so i went to the business haven of the US (delaware) and found it there. it was formed apr 19 2021 the domain was registered apr 22 by someone in china, presumably they are just searching new business formations and registering domains. bmr dropped the ball by not registering it. it's also possible that it is a business unrelated to blue, but i doubt it. i'm not paying to find out more details. if someone else wants to, go ahead. https://icis.corp.delaware.gov/ecorp/entitysearch/NameSearch.aspx file number 5850884
  6. Maybe they'll end lot shenanigans and charge for parking.
  7. Looks like the old mainesource in FF
  8. those are legit. i cut it off last wknd
  9. it'd be nice if they created a path new trail from the first turn of paradise onto coming soon. access with both lifts. maybe take out a chunk at the bottom of paradise and force them further to the left.
  10. wasn't quite the heap that i had expected.
  11. realistically, how long would it take them to do all of the pipework, lighting and adding snow guns? are we talking this winter or the next? i feel like getting enough snow guns would be the hardest part. the thing that gives me the most anxiety about it all would be trying to figure out whether i'm dedicated to the quad now instead of the sixer. just feels wrong.
  12. lmao they'd turn prob into different 2 trails to add to the tally.
  13. insider info, i like it. maybe it'll be all set up for next season? i have no idea how long something like this takes. i'd imagine they'd also need to purchase more snow guns though. yeah i saw the poles and conduit when i did the chair lift ride. posted on their FB page asking what was up (no response) also asked chat agent (didn't know what i was talking about). here was that post -- https://www.paskiandride.com/forums/topic/17070-the-pics-from-today-thread/?do=findComment&comment=474515
  14. Tunnel turn entrance of the racetrack. I emailed Keating and he actually wrote me back a cpl of times with updates. Met with him there too, seemed genuinely nice.
  15. That's my 2nd option. Closest is basically Jonas at 115. And it was 23c, why not give it a shot. What should really be concerning is canned roast beef from Brazil that smells like cat food. ...It's delicious.
  16. big day for me today. paging @saltyant
  17. forgot about that one. the one i'm talking about is less than a year old, basically at long pond / 115. and ya they have everything. i found herring filets on discount for 23cents/tin (half off already clearance sticker price). they were doused in hot sauce, so it was all good. went to the club and ate them at the bar.
  18. the newer one on 115 near the racetrack? shit is fukkin mint i love that one. better than a wawa on every corner. are they really trying to build that new one? i thought it was just an urban legend.
  19. i wonder what the bidding will start at, that's awesome
  20. i dunno, looks like a woodchuck to me.
  21. I introduce to everyone Le frattail
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