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  1. just got a fuckin 18k quote for a roof but thanks for the reminder edit - thought you were talkin about the shingles but still f u for reminding me
  2. scanner. goes into comp. i could throw a feed up if you want but there's usually nothing interesting.
  3. i was gonna say this morning to start watching the warming hut. its a god damn travesty that it sounds like they're going to trash the 'warming hut' signage. as someone who is all about marketing/branding/signage, it makes me want to cry.
  4. looks like main st chair about to get some treatment
  5. Maybe you could use one of these chairs ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
  6. already fired off an email an hour ago asking, will let you know if i hear back. "Maybe you guys that got one from BB could share some pics of what you did with them?" - thats funny.
  7. chairs are being unloaded from the burma chair from the bottom of the lift. The line is moving in reverse, so the side on the left (looking up) is empty.
  8. damn i didn't think anyone else had 4. they're all on the same machine.
  9. if you're on a computer, you update the timeout variable in the console. you'll need it to cycle once until it stops, then hit play and then it should play a lot longer. not sure what the ceiling is, the default is 120000. 1000000 doesn't seem to be an issue. tup = 1000000;
  10. Benm

    Zee Lights

    things a bit more pronounced from the valley.
  11. Benm

    Zee Lights

    if it's not a secret, blue should just tell ppl if something is happening. i dunno about hiking. it's a lot steeper when it's grass than when it's snow.
  12. Benm

    Zee Lights

    lets just say i've been eavesdropping and 2-3 days ago, they'd been trying to round up what sounds like every chainsaw that exists in PA, chaps (presumably chainsaw) arrived and a lot of chainsaw noises in the background in the last two days. this is what prompted me to take still shots of the cams and start paying attention. there is a lot of work being done near come around, so all outside of cam view with the exception of the valley cam where there is a very slight difference - but it is noticeable. it's hard to piece everything together, but you can see add'l lines cut - near the top, i'm guessing skier's right of come around - from the main st cam. i don't know what it means but it sounded like maybe blue mountain rd was shut down to traffic this morning - could be irrelevant, could be heavy / oversized equipment, might not have been blue mtn road at all. it sounds like they're in a time crunch, like they are anticipating doing something very soon. the location of all things happening would fit the narrative about a lift originating at the bottom and ending at the top of the doubles. after looking at the satellite view, it does look like a pretty easy route wiht the exception of cutting a line through the woods next to come around (which they could just leave in the woods anyway and not clean up). does it mean anything? not really. is it piquing my interest? absolutely. i wouldn't be surprised if some camera feeds stopped working soon.
  13. Benm

    Zee Lights

    little bit of trimming to the left of main st.
  14. crazy what a difference the altitude does considering youre so close.
  15. i'm surprised you didn't mention that you exited to route 420. at least i'd imagine that's where it'd take you.
  16. yeah that's what i thought. who knows. could be any number of reasons.
  17. "inspections" whatever that means. maybe triple is next.
  18. has anyone done disc golf at blue? thinking about picking up a new hobby over summer
  19. ah yeah makes sense. for whatever reason, i thought it was a quad when i was writing that.
  20. any way to determine from the details as to whether or not it will be fixed vs detachable? maybe i missed it somewhere.
  21. read closer. i said if original post verifies. not the article.
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