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  1. One of the best days of the year, and coming soon was best runs of the season. Cold wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, lucky for no wind
  2. Gas: $20 tolls: $13 (actually higher cause tolls just went up 5%) wawa: $7
  3. It costs roughly $40 for me to make a round trip to blue
  4. But eating junk food is not a risk? Again, how many heart disease deaths vs chairlift deaths? Yet, you don’t say anything about something a million times more dangerous
  5. Couldn’t it be argued that people with vices such as junk food are hypocrites for criticizing those not using the bar, yet don’t criticize themselves on the March to heart disease? Chairlift falls are not the leading cause of death in America
  6. You gotta be a complete idiot to go into the Jackson hole backcountry with no avy gear
  7. What kills more people per year skiing…head injuries or lack of safety bars on chairlifts? Yet helmets aren’t required…
  8. Ya, The new lift going over both the learning hill and ski patrol shack is prime opportunity to be told to lower it
  9. Blue is cracking down on safety bars again
  10. Happy to help, but expect it changed by the end of today 😢
  11. You have to log them as separate days or they only count as one. I just checked your stats, you officially have 15 days but it’s only been logged as 14
  12. Make sure to post in stats as 2 separate days so you get credit for both places!
  13. As a kid I dreamed of riding that trail…never happened. Also, I remember the old snack shack but never saw it open…didn’t they have a restroom building near by? that trail seems similar to the double black diamond at spring mountain, which they keep on their trail map but probably hasn’t been open in 20+ years
  14. Great pics @saltyant. Also good to see you today as well!
  15. $65 room lol. Holy shit if those walls could talk
  16. Quoted for truth. First run of day on nightweaver was great, second run of day not so much lol
  17. I’m still on my 40th anniversary pass. Feel like I’m owed a new one at this point lol
  18. TP4 spoke it, and it occurred a few days later…
  19. It’s fun looking at satellite pics of blue through the years on historic aerials. Weird seeing no valley lodge
  20. Only time i can think of was Circa 2015 blue didn’t open til January 8th, spring mountain actually opened before them
  21. On my way up in Whitehall now, thought it was gonna rain and was worried they would be closed if I left at 7am for opening
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