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  1. Lol at your constant back and forth with Covid…pick a side. it’s 2022, Covid is done, get over it and move on with your life fetterman and Shapiro will both win in PA
  2. Covid suddenly makes a comeback 6 weeks before an election? 🤔🤔
  3. Hope the people of Florida are alright, storm is getting close to cat5
  4. Will the flu be back this winter? I noticed it wasn’t around the past 2 years
  5. 2006 was the greatest year in PASR history, and I remember almost nothing on here about the 6 pack being installed. I’m sure a search would show posts from back then about it, but I recall little fanfare
  6. With the lack of progress, I’m thinking maybe this is a union job?
  7. He even mentioned Alex stein, the pimp on a blimp, in his rap: ”January 6th, worst day of my life. Prayed for AOC, Alex stein’s wife.”
  8. To be clear, this is the same nipsey hussle who backed down when this guy challenged him to a fight:
  9. Props on the reference. The guy who made the song “Kill You” became woke lol
  10. Has any rapper in history fell off harder than Eminem? First three albums were classic, then almost everything since has been straight garbage. ”Fell from top ten to not mentioned at all.” -JayZ
  11. $17/hour to install a lift seems awfully low
  12. there were few people that day, and it was maybe the heaviest falling snow I have ever witnessed. However, the wind was so strong that razors and challenge were sheets of ice, while other trails had waist deep snow drifts. Allentown was only supposed to get 11 inches, and blue less with the snow supposed to be stopping on our drive up. However, it never stopped, just kept dumping and dumping while we were at blue, and continued on the way home. 476 was a fun drive home lol
  13. I never understood the lack of guardrails out west…the cottonwood canyon drives have no guardrails despite being curvy and at times icy. @toast21602 can attest to driving them in treacherous conditions
  14. Thank you. I love dogs but hate dog people. People bring them into the showroom and on test drives smh
  15. Rates are obscene right now, highest Ive ever seen. Sales wise, this past month has been the slowest I can remember in my 8.5 years of doing this. Used prices are still ridiculous and there are no new units to sell, so morale is very low for both customers and workers
  16. This is false, the White House literally threw a party yesterday celebrating the economy
  17. Amtrak cancelling long distance routes in anticipation of the freight train strike
  18. I’m guessing the current 6 pack will be the back up lift. Weekdays the new 6 peck and quad will be running
  19. Thank you for posting. I’ve already checked far right Twitter at least 5 times today, and I’ve seen every cool video on YouTube already. New posts on PASR are essentially the only thing left on the internet for me to see
  20. Tell him you don’t take pics with perverts who groom children
  21. He stopped talking to me after I said it was wrong to riot and loot in honor of a man who held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach
  22. No need to protest for a man who just yesterday took a picture with a radical leftist politician
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