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  1. Both 6 pack loading stations are pretty close to each other…might be crowding issues in peak season as there could be a bottleneck at the end of the old terrain run
  2. My first water bill here was $525 for one month as they said I used 14,000 gallons of water. Called the Water company and they said “go fuck your self, there must be a leak like a toilet.” Two different plumbers were hired, both confirmed no leaks. Water company inspects meter, says it works fine, I owe them $525. Landlord raises hell, water company says “great news, you only owe $300 instead of $525.” Landlord goes nuclear and gets the state involved, has water company install new meter. 2 months pass…water company says “our bad, it turns out our meter was indeed faulty, you only used $35 worth of water.” Come to present day, my bill still hasn’t been adjusted to reflect I don’t owe the $300 (they claim the next bill will reflect this) actually have never seen trailer park boys
  3. Hell, it’s hard to find a 2 bedroom apartment under $1500 in Philly metro
  4. Me and mark are pissed his parents bought his bat shit insane crazy uncle (my former Roomate) a trailer home. They should have given that asshole a fucking cardboard box under a bridge. But yes I never understood why people bashed trailer homes yet were ok with apartments. The bad rep comes from bad neighbors and crime, but apartments have those too
  5. Good to see you killing it! But I have to ask, where did the yellow snow in the last pic come from?
  6. $365/month for a house is amazing. Id rather live in a trailer home than an apartment…bigger and no attached neighbors. I thought I made out paying $400/month for a house in Conshohocken
  7. Just put the funnel trash cans back and at least half the trash won’t be there anymore
  8. Just found out there is now a wawa near bear creek
  9. Lines were fine at 11…lines were awful at 11:15. Razors was amazingly bad lol
  10. Rode 2 hours and conditions were pretty nice, much better than I expected
  11. Lazy mile, Main Street, and midway for this weekend
  12. Forgot to mention yesterday was a pre-2019 weekday morning, where from 9-11 you just ride onto the lift with zero lines. Things changed in 2019, then in 2020 Covid destroyed weekday mornings as we had known them
  13. Woke up at 5:30 to the sound of sleet and looked out the window to see a nice coating of sleet everywhere. First 15 mins of drive was pretty spicy, then rain til mid county, then no precipitation til blue. I believe first civilian run down coming soon and it was pretty smooth and chalky, probably the best conditions I’ve had this season. Paradise was similar and from the looks of it there will prob be a lazy Mile opening soon. Smallest crowds of the season I’ve seen. Snowed lightly while I rode from 9-11:30 but started snowing pretty good by the time I pulled out of the lot. Drive up the mountain was spicy as I need new tires, but as soon as I hit Appalachian trail the roads were clear with little precipitation. Snowed from Whitehall to the turnpike and then all rain. also, unless this storm is supposed to pick up something serious later, 8 inches seems absurd lol.
  14. I highly doubt that, but did see it was a possibility. I guess I’ll pack my gear Saturday and make the decision in the afternoon.
  15. Might have to do another Saturday night session if Sunday stays rainy
  16. I believe there used to be a peek n peak local on here
  17. To be fair to blue, the lower portion of paradise below the coming soon connection has new lights, but a majority of the trail is still the old school lights
  18. What a difference it is on coming soon vs paradise at night. Lights on coming soon are awesome, amazing, bestest lights I’ve ever seen on the slopes. Paradise lights are classic night riding at blue, although I somewhat enjoyed them for nostalgic purposes
  19. It was a fun time and felt great to be on the slopes. Unfortunately had pass issues and had to go to guest services twice. I ended up getting 8 runs in…4 on coming soon and 4 on paradise. A few 5 minute waits at the quad, and another time it broke down for 5 minutes. Conditions were better than I expected…I figured it would be bumped up everywhere.
  20. Sounds like my options for runs are essentially coming soon, paradise, and Burma. Am I missing anything?
  21. I’ll keep an eye out, but I’ll still be at work at that time lol
  22. Good thing I brought my gear to work. First opening day night session for me since that 2 day Monday opening in I believe 2015
  23. I’m pretty sure I remember you posting about that trip. Didn’t you take some beach walks at an Atlantic City convention?
  24. Back in America after leaving for the first time in 11 years. Also my first time on a beach in 11 years. Shout out to pink elephant long term parking in Newark, highly recommend. Now back to business at blue.
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