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  1. Hell yea blue! I go a day without checking PASR regularly and miss this lol. Stoked my season starts in 8 days!
  2. Without watching, I’m guessing the gist is that the long distance routes eat up so much money, the prices on medium and short distance routes are expensive to make up for the long routes?
  3. “You don’t use your edges and your wearing rentals.” ”those are both accurate statements.”
  4. I remember that one. I don’t think there is a single ski patrol confrontation video or ski resort fight video that I haven’t seen. A shame there’s so few of them
  5. I was under the impression filling the lazy River with barrels is what they do each year
  6. “They hate it but they know respect they got to give me.” -Eminem/SaltyAnt
  7. At big sky a woman told me not to put the bubble down due to Covid lol
  8. As per downingtown police, child found safe!
  9. I was watching the chopper lift a pole, and now the feed is gone
  10. apparently Vanessa was spotted at a bar in wrightsville, pa (between York and Lancaster) last night
  11. KSL will temporarily let us use our passes at camelback in December as blue will have a delayed opening* *I doubt this will happen, and have zero proof. But in case it does happen, I need a paper trail
  12. With the heavy schedule at the sports complex this weekend, will commuters get to use the elusive lower level platform at NRG/Pattinson station on the broad street subway? In all my years of using that station I’ve only seen it open once, and can only find one picture of it on google
  13. Your shift to a radical leftist since Covid has been fascinating to watch
  14. Kind of ironic a majority of this site supported Covid lockdowns, which caused the supply chain issues we are seeing. Now those same people will not get to ride the new 6 pack, due to supply chain issues lol.
  15. At Jackson do they take down your info when they stop you? Like a warning?
  16. I wouldn’t be too worried about this. When I think of the people who show up at 1 pm on a holiday weekend, This is probably in reference to them just parking in the middle of rows, blocking cars in, creating their own spaces, etc. hell, one time a person drove their car past the ski patrol shack and got stuck on shuttle
  17. You ain’t wrong. Casinos especially between 12am-6am are a pretty sad and pathetic sight
  18. I leave the heat off at night to sleep, which is fine but it’s freezing when I wake up. I then turn on the heat in the bedroom and bathroom when I wake up so it’s warm when I shower and get dressed, then turn it off til the next morning
  19. You were a devout covidian in 2020, to making fun of people wearing masks in 2021, and now back to a non-practicing covidian in 2022 (right before the election too) lol The quote about Covid being good for business shows you actually think Covid is dangerous and serious lol
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