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  1. Last night was pretty solid. One of my few night sessions but RAW is where it's at. Temps were super comfortable, the lines looked bad but went really fast and the snow was pretty great. Only got Coming Soon once but i was the only one on it at the time and really got to noodle around and enjoy it. Sat at a fire pit at the end of the night for a few minutes and it was actually lovely. Nice to look up at the mountain all lit up and those string lights and fire pits change the ambiance of the bottom lodge a lot
  2. So Coming Soon, Main Street and Nightmare will all have bumps on them this year? Any that I missed?
  3. Just popped on Camelback's website for the first time in a while. I guess they have just given up at this point and realized they peaked in the early 2000s.
  4. White lightning ends 100 feet from a lift. If that trail was a ripper the carnage would be next level at the bottom and at least one person per year would get fished out of that lake.
  5. Likely tonight, Saturday and Sunday. Watching that weather though, saying 8 inches Sunday night and 2 inches Monday morning. (insert joke here) Maybe take Sunday morning off in favor of Sunday night or Monday morning?
  6. I wonder why they were running the 6 in the morning and the quad at night. Do they normally switch lifts like that?
  7. A Go Pro fell off of the bottom of a plane.
  8. Have you seen this Wendover video about frequent flier programs?
  9. Are you staying at the airport? When did they rebook you for? What's the coffee situation at the airport hotel?
  10. Agreed. It's taking it to a next level
  11. Getting the sunglasses ready now. See you guys Saturday.
  12. The only way Philly got an inch of snow is if someone dropped a snow cone at a very specific part of the airport.
  13. I believe Montage did/does that
  14. I was a little uncomfortably warm down in Phillly after the Eagles game yesterday. Glad the weather finally broke to something more normal.
  15. Not a single flake in the KOP - MALVERN -Exton Corridor.
  16. Can backpack plus clicked into skis in the parking lot. That's definitely a family of legit skiers
  17. Guess she didn't see the part on their website for the upgraded access that lets you take a blimp up to the top. Skip those pesky lift lines.
  18. You're lucky. Up near Scranton no one really owns the mineral rights to their own property. PS, Salty, next time you're flying over there can you drop some clays out of the plane for us to shoot at?
  19. Those pics from the plane might be top 10 posted here just from a coolness perspective.
  20. I have an idea. What if we all just stayed home for two weeks to let omicron burn itself out?
  21. What's this season's Covid protocol when it comes to tubs of cheez balls?
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