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  1. There is something cruel about it being this cold and not being able to ski
  2. If anywhere makes it past this weekend I would strongly consider a road trip
  3. I honestly don't know how you operate without a computer at work but I'm kind of impressed. If I didn't have outlook I would be a disaster.
  4. I wonder how many towers they will need in total. I bet they need to pour a pretty big slab for the top and bottom stations too. I would guess there's a week where a local concrete company is dedicating half their trucks to this project.
  5. Will make it easier to find runaway skis in there!
  6. I didn't see this but it's fantastic. Going to a Sixers game when they had the mask mandate plus the vax card screen at the door made the lines to get in a nightmare. PS: Sixers in 5 and I hope Ben Simmons comes back in game 4 and doesn't score a single point.
  7. I'll admit that when I was flying back from Dubai and in planes for 18 hours I was very much a Richard Nosely and would milk meal time for as long as possible to keep it off. I understand people wanting to wear a mask while in an enclosed airplane but I think your dedication to keeping an N-95 sealed to your own face is much more impactful to your own health than making a plane full of other people half-ass wear surgical or cloth masks and know they will absolutely take them on and off a few times.
  8. Right now on the Blue Mt Webcams it's snowing at the top and not at the bottom. Must be the microclimate
  9. Did anyone have salt blocks or a cheese melter out there? @enjoralas, wanna go to Colorado next April?
  10. Maybe the whole new lift thing is just a rumor and they are inspecting it for the end of the year, shutting it down and we will ride those little chairs again next year.
  11. Did anyone not get theirs yet?
  12. Very very curious about the cars that are shrink wrapped on the left side of your photo. Shape wise I'm assuming they are antique coaches. Might have to stop by here next time I go up to visit.
  13. Think they will sell off those chairs?
  14. Adding slides like that might take away from Action Archery though. Seriously I need to know how many people do that.
  15. Breakfast burritos are always a good time
  16. How do we feel about Longhorn though?
  17. This report has me energized and is warming my heart at the same time. @Johnny Law I definitely owe you a beer for this, as quality writing that stirs the soul must be rewarded somehow.
  18. I found this pretty cool map that shows the current snow depth across the country. Sad to see 0" in PA but Colorado and Canada are still covered. https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/maps/snowdepth/in-Silver-Plume,CO?loc=eyJsIjoiU2lsdmVyIFBsdW1lIiwiciI6IkNPIiwiYyI6IlVuaXRlZCBTdGF0ZXMiLCJpIjoiVVMiLCJnIjoiZW4tdXMiLCJ4IjoiLTEwNS44OTc2NjIiLCJ5IjoiMzkuNjc5OTUyIn0%3D&weadegreetype=F&ocid=winp1taskbar&zoom=10&cvid=8cc9ac5f29734dbc9b527b985277cae1&ski=1 The Luxury Inn and Suites is right next to the La Quinta I stayed at in January. I think the hot tub there is actually outside.
  19. Economy parking is closed for good. They are turning that lot into an air cargo shipping area.
  20. Glad to see you guys getting after it!
  21. If Blue banned alcohol from the property how many of you guys would find a new mountain?
  22. What time is the carpool leaving?
  23. How do you come up with this information?
  24. We are just trying to get our stuff back!
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