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  1. Great pics. Did you ride the T bar?
  2. Open with Main Street and vista lifts only. push around all that extra snow to build a big ice bar. Two drink minimum. One day only. On snow beach party.
  3. Why groom on Wednesday when they wouldn't open again until Saturday if that was their plan? Also if they were going to reopen and already sent the Ops team out to ready the mountain, why not announce it and try to get as many people out as possible? Plus they don't inspect lift towers when the place is running, it's probably a post season check before they mothball the doubles for the year.
  4. I honestly thought they were just driving them to put them away for the year. One on Challenge? This might change that thought process.
  5. I hope they paint the PASR logo on one of the trams.
  6. Not to mention the increase in price of small semi independent Pennsylvania ski resort season passes. Glad food producers and oil companies aren't leaving money on the table either.
  7. Opening for an uphill only day would be cool too
  8. You guys still going for opening? Or sleeping in a bit to let the teeth chattering snow relax a little? This might have been the dumbest question asked on PASR
  9. How was switchback? I'm shocked it's still open
  10. I'm assuming they are replacing the double doubles? Nothing wrong with a fixed grip quad on a 600 and 400 vert hill.
  11. I'll be there both days. The weather is making it feel anticlimactic though. Good excuse to drink some beers before bike season kicks off though I guess.
  12. Maybe, just maybe, if I head up to Blue this weekend and the snow is rock solid in the early morning then a few tubing runs while waiting for it to turn into spring corn might not be a terrible idea.
  13. Well well well, look who is still selling passes at the discount price past the deadline..... Would be cool to see some Jorts skim across a pond....
  14. What a day yesterday. Hard to beat times like those. Next level fun coming at you from all sides and just when you thought you could rest you get hit with the best bacon wrapped poppers I've ever had in my life. 12/10 day, might have been 15/10 if the weather was like Saturdays but still one of the most fun days ever. Now we've got a week to hit Lowe's and get some good lumber put together for Pond Skimming. Also important to note that all tables survived yesterday.
  15. I know it's like herding cats but we should try to do a group photo tomorrow.
  16. Any need for me to bring a tailgate grill? I have it ready to go if needed.
  17. Just a thought, unless you're going for some deep tracks kind of beers, the Wegmans in KOP and I'll assume MALVERN too has Levante on the shelf all the time.
  18. What are the odds of you strapping the skis to the back and driving to Blue on your trusty mower? That would be the most Epic/Ikonic entrance possible
  19. If I brought double crust white pizza would people turn up their nose if the inside was a blend of cheese and broccoli? Or should I just go with cheese?
  20. Once you cross the 2 hour threshold is it really that day trippable on a regular basis though?
  21. From this morning's WSJ https://www.wsj.com/articles/shoppers-reach-their-limits-on-some-price-increases-11647509580?mod=hp_lead_pos5
  22. I hate that I did it but I bit the bullet and bought the pass last night. I honestly was really on the fence this year. @skiincy didn't want to buy one out of spite. I got a new credit card to go to Dubai with that didn't actually get here in time so I used it to buy the Blue pass which in turn gave me 0% interest and a $200 statement credit. Using the classic Ski 2 Live logic I was able to justify the price of a Blue pass this year because I got a bunch of money off of it buying it this way and also can pay it off whenever I feel like it. Suck it Blue for "Not leaving money on the table". You got me this year but might not have me forever. Their pricing team is on thin ice
  23. I'll be up in NEPA this weekend, would we want some pizza? I know it's already been done once.
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