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  1. I will likely be there just Saturday but my two cousins, including @pyro_boarder, are interested in coming out.
  2. Here are some final pics from the last day at Keystone. I hiked out above the Outback Express lift with Skiincys Brother. Such a beautiful day. We dropped into Puma Bowl together and then I lost him in the trees. He got down to the chair just a few minutes after me though. I liked Keystone but it skied a lot smaller than it looks. The 2k very runs off of the front are great but realistically since it hadn't snowed most of the black trails were ungroomed, sun baked, bumps with some questionable troughs. Great cruisers though. If I had more time I would definitely hike the bowls more. Loveland Pass on the way back was amazing to see.
  3. Top of White Lightning, through the trees to the bottom of Boomer. Best tree skiing in PA. Barb's Bush is a close second
  4. I've definitely had an open beer on a lift, on the trails and back in the lift line. Guess I'll just use a Koozie next time
  5. Skiincy at the top where the Cat dropped us Skiincy and the Cat Dropping over that edge Loveland can look desolate in certain spots \ I would suggest replacing Punxatawny Phil with Loveland Skiincy Disappointing Tunnel
  6. Loveland: From my perspective Loveland was the best mountain of the trip. Woke up to a surprise 2 inches and spent the morning meadow skipping through titty sparkles. I think the worst part of going to a new mountain is not having your bearings completely no matter how much you look at the map ahead of time. Would have been sweet to go out to the meadows earlier but we started with two sweet fresh snow runs off of Chet's Dream to start before we explored more. We got to the top of Chair 9 relatively early. When that chair drops you off though it really whips around the bull wheel fast and caught my arm a little bit, kind of annoying. I turned around at just the right moment to see the next chair slam into Skiincy's brother's fiance like a linebacker and toss her at least 6 feet. She was definitely shaken and after a quick check from the lifty we were on our way. She did not want to come back up that chair though so my plan to ski off of that chair at least twice before the cat ride went out the window. I guess that's what happens when you ski with a group. The ridge cat was absolutely Tits McGee to the highest order. Just seeing that beast pull up and knowing you are getting inside is just awesome. Being at the drop off point, pretty much alone, is amazing too. Just you, your crew and the solitude of nature. There weren't too many possible lines from where we got dropped but we picked one and ran with it. Some spots were definitely wind swept and thin, decent amount of rocks poking out but still really killer. My take on The Face trail is that it was a narrow, double track bumpy east coast style little run out trail that was pretty technical and more annoying than difficult. I definitely stopped at one point and let a guy who had taken a bad line come back onto the main trail so it was half managing the snow and half managing the line. Seemed completely worth it to get to a kick ass ski tunnel though until you pull up and realize you need to walk through the tunnel. 😒 The vibe at Loveland is just perfect though. Everyone there is legit and is PASR worthy. I would love to get the whole gang out to Loveland and have a kick ass tailgate. The sun and the vibes were just as good as the terrain.
  7. It was day 1 on the snow and the altitude was definitely getting me a little. Only about 12 hours between touching down and getting the snow will do that I guess so it was a nice casual day of exploring and western groomers. The first groomers off of Independence Super Chair on Peak 7 were a great way to just tear up some long and fresh cord before we started exploring more. Most of the day was just nice blue cruisers as most of the blacks were ungroomed days old sun baked bumps and didn't look particularly appealing. Peak 8 was fun and we did two laps to the top of that chair, the highest lift in the country. A few runs on peak 9 were nice before wandering around trying to find the route back home. I didn't do a ton of research on the lift layout and we missed a whole peak so a second day would have been good. At the end of the day it became a guessing game of where each chair would take you. It was my first time experiencing chairs that crossed over each other so that was cool. The last one we took was a slow double that not only crossed other chairs but made a hard right at one point. From there it was a nice little cruise down to the road where Skiincy's brother picked us up. ****Not sure why the text up there is so weird so here it is in a more legible way****
  8. Solid little trip out to the Rockies. Here some update from my perspective. Saturday at Breck was fun. Lines were long ish but I just kept thinking to myself that I was on vacation so it was OK. The higher up you went the less the lines were a problem with the exception of the T bar which had a long line and sucked as a lift. Long and steep is not particularly fun to get dragged on. Breck is huge and I really enjoyed exploring it. Would like to get two days there next time. The stuff above the tree line was really cool and I would have liked to spend more time up there but it really hasn't snowed much and the stuff high up was really windswept and not so great. It was day 1 on the snow and the altitude was definitely getting me a little so it was a nice casual day of exploring and western groomers. The first groomers off of Independence Super Chair were a great way to just tear up some long and fresh cord before we started exploring more. Lots of great Blue cruisers. Most of the black trails were just sun baked bumps so they were not particularly desirable. I didn't do a ton of research on the lift layout so a second day would have been good. At the end of the day getting on chairs became a guessing game as to where it would end up. First time experiencing chairs that crossed each other was pretty cool and the last chair of the day was a slow double that made a hard right hand turn at one point. That actually worked out for a nice cruise down to a bus stop where Skiincys brother picked us up to head back to the hotel.
  9. Is lightning groomed?!?!
  10. That Truly looks grate. Nice new sign at White Lightning too!
  11. Sitting on the plane. 10 minutes late to push back already. Here's Sunset in Denver. See you back in PA. More detailed trip reports to come.
  12. A few more pics from Breck yesterday. Also, it was me who needed a little break on the side of 70. Really nice so far and Silverthorne is pretty nice. Dinner last night was at the Dillon Dam brewery
  13. Brattleboro and no stop at Hermit Thrush??
  14. Is instruction on the perfect swagger to walk with in ski boots included in the premium or the platinum level?
  15. They couldn't even get a real groundhog?
  16. I think they will open if the ticket is a Buddy Pass though
  17. This isn't very Stoke-y. Let's make this a day of kindness towards all trails.
  18. I hope you guys chatted about Wawa and the area's premier asphalt contractor.
  19. Schif

    Elk 1/22/22

    Great job to Elk's ski patrol for doing a great job and no one got hurt. I guess that's what you get when you can source your patrollers from VT. The news said it was a problem with the gear box. They should have popped a Ford transmission in there as a back up.
  20. Today was fantastic. Some days I just think, man I'm lucky to be able to ski. Today was one one of those days.
  21. Major debate going on in my head now. Sixers tickets for Saturday night. So do I go Saturday morning and deal with the weather, come home, nap it off and hit the game? Or chill all day Saturday, go to the game, go to bed right when it's over and then do Sunday?
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