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Can't we all just get along?

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Even though I only met him once, he really isn't a bad guy. I call him out more than I should sometimes, but he usually returns the fire. And lately, his rebuttals have been more mature and quippy than personal "ouch that actually hurt" statements... I am sure that Doug will be back... I may bust on him for no pictures in his reports, but I do read them almost every day. I am 100% certain that there are few people who do put more time in on a personal level, especially with the Blue Crüe, than Doug. He'll be back, believe that!!!

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Since joining PASR in 2007, I've made good friends with many of the members here, and even get together with them for non-skiing activities from time to time. I'm sure we'd hang more if we lived closer together.


I've also had many new experiences and become a much better skier.



Oh yeah, and Jeff gave me the mod powers.

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I've met a bunch of drunks who happen to have a skiing problem. We hold meetings every weekend, and you can always count on Mr. Hugo to bring the highest quality refreshments.


this is true. i knew a lot of you assholes outside of this site too. you all suck.


AH has also introduced us to #dooping, which is a great off-season activity to prepare our livers for ski season.

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It's really great hanging out with everyone the other 8 months of the year we're not skiing. Whether we are hitting Union games, going out on the mountain bikes, or just grabbing beers, it's fun hanging out, busting balls, and blowing off some steam. It'd be even more fun to hang out with more of you. I keep meaning to meet up with Guitar73 & Tinymoose for beers, but one day it'll happen. Same with sexkitten. Ridge Racer seems like he'd be a blast to ski/drink with. Same with Kyle and RideDE. We share a lot of the same interests, and all this stuff should just be a fun distraction from our normally horrible lives. Just like pandas. Especially red pandas. They are incredibly adorable.

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The guys from here I've met are definitely a good time, and when I've gotten out to mountains with them they've been some pretty epic days. It kind of sucks though that everyone is pretty centrally located down around the LV and I miss out on a lot of the Blue Mountain Shenanigans. Maybe I'll have to scoot down there on a weekend morning sometime.


What about PASR days? are those just kind of on the backburner?

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