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The true mountain... 1-11

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4 hours ago, Johnny Law said:

I got all kinds of shit so if you ever want to try something out give me a hoot.


Some of you newbies don't get what this place is about, you don't have to give Blue the proverbial hand job and you don't have to own long stiff skis, you do however have to be cool. Providing good info is +1, good TR's maybe +2, a very funny remark about another person here +1000. it's not a serious place for non-serious people, most of us are actually pretty nice people in person but 1000 threads about hand warmers or some shit is lame boring bs so you gotta spice it up and everyone sort of plays a roll here.

I'll definitely take you up on that at some point this year. Can't hurt to try out a bunch of shit while I'm figuring it all out. Thanks

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