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Jungfrau 2022


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20 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Salty sweet sunglasses are they unisex?

Thanks. I didn't think to bring sunglasses on my Eurotrip and was told by everyone that I wouldn't be able to see on Jungfrau peak without sunglasses due to the immense brightness. So I bought a pair in Lauterbrunnen and my friend lent me some Swiss Francs. 

@eafMake sure you take the choo choo train to the top of the mountain, and eat lots of Swiss chocolate.

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Super-easy change from plane to train at the airport. Picked up luggage, fired up SBB.ch, which produced a few routes with the fastest one just 10 minutes away, reached the escalator down to the numbered platform from the app, and that’s really it.

Different trains arrive and leave every 5 minutes, the platform is insanely long, and initially we had hell of a time trying to figure out where exactly we are supposed to wait, esp. since there are 1st and 2nd class carriages, but then came the moment of enlightenment, it appears to be all encoded on the bottom of the board with ABCD naming platform zones, and numbers above - carriage classes.

Train came, we went in, beaaaautifulIy empty upstairs, figured I’d carry the stuff there and sit, since it’s about an hour till the next change at Bern, and while I’m huffing and puffing, almost ready to drop down and sleep, I get to realize that conductor is waaaay too chatty, almost like telling a goodnight story, first in German, then in French, I’m thinking, you’ve got to be kidding me, what’s there to talk about?? And then comes the turn of English…

There’s a freaking accident somewhere on the tracks toward Bern, so, would you all please just leave at Zurich bahn and then search for alternatives. Wtf!

The app starts showing cancellations as well, suggests to take a bus (sic) to get to some other station and take a completely different route, but luckily it soon comes to senses and shows a train an hour away, this time with three connections, but interestingly promising to get us to Grindelwald only 40 mins later. Of course, this train is packed 🤣




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3 hours ago, eaf said:

Well, Kleine Scheidegg sucked big time.

Beautiful vistas, a 30 minute ride by train zigzagging up the slope, and a total circus on top. Sooooo many people, so few and so narrow trails, totally scraped to some frozen base.

Sounds terrible there, you should ask for a gift card and come home to ski Spring Mountain with us.

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21 minutes ago, RidgeRacer said:

Don't mess up his thread saltlick. You don't ski spring

He said something sucked big time juxtaposed with totally awe inspiring photographs which warranted hilarious commentary from me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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