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3/1 Super Soft

Johnny Law

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Work shit meant I was on a lunch session. Mad warm but grey and breezy. Crowds and vibe were full spring and the quad was ride on.  

Everything other than coming soon was soft serve ice cream, full hammer down jump off everything kinda snow.  

Coming soon had boiler plate ice somehow in the left side bumps.  Smelled like spring out there where you gotta get every day in.

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Was up yesterday too, skied 4:30-6. Took 4 trips up the quad, 3 up main street chair before I decided to call it right as the sun started going in. Come around > midway > lower main was completely dead with primo snow (come around jumps were also choice for an older out of shape park rat with nothing to prove), so I stayed for a while. Big park was a sugary mess with landings scraped off, but still sampled the big booters, hit a few rails then dipped over to CA>MS. Looking forward to a full on spring day in there though, glad to see Booter mtn back in action. Felt like a time warp, just with substantially better rail choices, slightly more engineered jumps, and obviously not on sidewinder.

11 days skiing 99% park at BC really showed itself...skied god awful and my legs are toast today. One run down challenge had the heart pumping...already looking forward to next season...

P.S. Look for the guy with the bright red fulltilts, that's me! 

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18 minutes ago, Johnny Law said:

Do you have one of the Jskis ? I think that guy is too old to be you......I have a purple or pink helmet and am generally dressed very bright. 

nah, line chronics (park skis). black/blue/green topsheets with bright orange bases. I probably look like I'm 14 in ski gear

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18 hours ago, enjoralas said:

Had the two longest runs of my life down Paradise tonight, skiing with the boys. Very spring like. Feels like the end of season if going to come down like a house of cards. Probably time to talk dates.

haha yup. took the kid on paradise for the first time two weeks ago and it took us about 45 minutes top to bottom. she only fell twice though!

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