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  1. Ugh! I got stuck on a Federal case a few years back. Luckily it was over in only a few days, but still driving to center city Philly every morning was no fun at all.
  2. Nah, I'll take gummies over alcohol any night for a good night's sleep.
  3. Yup, rode up with an older gentleman last weekend who told me he's a Cameltoe regular but came to Blue because they weren't open. Gary said it was pretty crowded with a lot of knuckleheads out there, he even got taken down by a boarder with luckily no injuries as he saw them coming and had started moving to avoid them.
  4. More like the warm pee monsoon deluge on the order of 2+"! At least the retention ponds will be full...
  5. Why does that not surprise me? LOL!
  6. We call the security guard Taser Dave. He was ready to take down Harold yesterday in the lift line for ducking the gates because his pass didn't work and Bethlehem Ford guy crew egged to duck the gate. Then Taser Dave made him leave and go get his pass fixed. We heard him screaming in the lot about the drone. Hero snow all day today. Would have been grate in the morning had the sun burned off the fog, but that didn't happen until just after noon. Legs were totally shot by then.
  7. Ha! You can thank me as well, I think. Was coming down Vista and spotted a set of keys in the snow, but couldn't stop quick enough, but stopped below them. I flagged the next guy coming down who stopped just beyond them and picked them up. Guy: "Yours?" Me: "Nope" Guy: "They're for a Honda, guess I should turn them in" Me: "Yup, someone's gonna be a bummin' dude when they go to open their car. They'll be happy someone turned them in" Also watched a couple of guys try to change a flat in the parking lot. Took them almost an hour to figure out how to use a car jack. How to use a car jack should be a mandatory test on the driver's exam.
  8. Definitely not a bad opening day. Upper mountain snow was far better than lower due to the inversion. Midway by 11:30 was showing signs of major thinness as rocks and grass were poking through in the middle. Both sides of Midway bumped up for some early season fun. Right side of Vista outside the grooming berm was the ROTD as only a few daring souls went in there to get the goods. You had to dodge a couple of drainage ditches, but the snow there was worth it. Checked out Coming Soon and it had a fair amount of snow up top. Unfortunately lower Paradise is way too thin to open.
  9. Rolling out the cookie dough right now...
  10. I had been using my original RF tag until last year and had to upgrade. Half the gates would no longer read it.
  11. Cool! I didn't look in the other thread before posting here.
  12. Ok, so I watched their latest Fakebook Story video about the guns being on and I commented that they need to clarify what day they're opening, as their heading image says 12/1 and a post says 12/2. This is what I got in response. Maybe someone else would do the same to confirm.
  13. Yup, nope, no Lazy this weekend. Looks like they're trying for Tut's & connector all the way to the Summit lodge.
  14. Nah, looks like they ran the groomers up the middle. From the Valley cam, upper Main looks barren.
  15. Said the same thing in the e-mail, yet nothing on Fakebook? Blue's marketing needs to get it's act together. From their FB banner just now...
  16. I think the clouds are from the guns right in front of the SP building on the Main Street cam. Blowing Burma at this point wouldn't make much sense. Looks like they may be working all of Main Street and the guns at SP are just filling in that area. So, possibly: Paradise, Sky Top, Tuts, Main Street, Home Stretch and (fingers crossed) Coming Soon?
  17. Aaaanndddd they changed the Valley cam! Someone must be listening to me! LOL. Thanks Blue!
  18. It’s a lot more fun when there are bumps to ski!
  19. I thought that was gonna be their plan going forward, open the East side runs and start with the valley open and do away with opening up the Summit lodge first. Once they got rid of the doubles, opening up Vista just with the Vista chair would be a nightmare like in prior years.
  20. I think they view Blue as the Uncle Eddie to Cameltoe’s Clark Griswold. Cameltoe thinks it’s something special, putting on all the chincy, flashy tchotchkes and stuff wanting to be like Aspen or Vail, but it’s really Uncle Eddie that’s having all the knucklehead fun. It’s surprising that they’ve not given Blue old hand-me-down equipment.
  21. Looks like they were able to put more down at the base, so I'm going with @JFskiDan's hope that they were able to put more effort into Paradise and maybe Coming Soon. Wish they would point the Valley cam back up Homestretch instead of showing the lift lines. (hint, hint).
  22. Hang on! We are talking about Blue Mountain here...
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