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  1. If only Blue would blow whales and just let them be instead of grooming them into death cookies...
  2. I noticed that too when I checked the cams this morning. Wondering what other trails, if any, they were spraying?
  3. But they did keep Jim on staff and supposedly promoted him, so he should have a clue on how to run the mountain (hopefully by now!). However, he may be being met with resistance on how it *should* be run. Who knows?
  4. We’re you still there @ 5:30pm? Heard it was on lower Paradise.
  5. We were talking with a girl in the row who said that the parking gate was open and they weren’t charging. Didn’t fact check her though.
  6. Not a very good redemption… Hear that people are bombing Paradise, collision, blood, bad.
  7. We noticed boarder tracks down the hill from Connector down to the East beginner slope on Sunday from Saturday night. Knowing the size of rocks, sticks, stumps, etc. off trail with only a few inches of snow to cover them, yeah, nope! I'll let the boarders ruin their stuff and take their bodies into their own hands to compact the snow.
  8. Lots of people are bitching on socials about the lack of VIP lines on the lifts. Why doesn't Blue have a reservation system for Ikon pass holders too? Blue obviously has to have some idea of what an overloaded mountain is (they said they sold out of tickets), so why don't they sell less tickets too? Greed...
  9. I didn't ride the quad yesterday but Saturday they were gating at the quad while not at the new 6. Go figure...
  10. What really gets me is that for how many years have they done "gating" at the OG 6 & quad, yet they seem to have totally forgot how to do it at the new 6??? They've tried on multiple occasions to have someone stand right before the chair and proceed to count to 6, only to have people totally ignore them and do what they want anyway. They really don't need a ton of room anyway to gate the people as having too much room there only causes more problems with people not being able to count to 6 and stay together as the assigned group. Yeah, there's not as much room in front of the new 6, but they should have known about that at design time. Since they didn't and clustered that all up, blow/push more snow in front of the readers to provide more area to wait. instead of putting up a fence to stop people from going around.
  11. We couldn’t believe people were coming down Razors without it being groomed. We were sure they were just end of session ticket holders saying screw it for the ridiculous liftlines, but then heard they opened it. There were also people coming down Falls too but didn’t hear that it had been officially opened? Mucho props to @enjoralas for a wonderful smorgasbord of meats, and pop-up canopy and to all others for the jocularity in the lot to make up for the total lack of skiing today!
  12. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1xOLfVPby9/?igsh=MTVuaDM5YzFqeDVvaQ==
  13. Nothing much to add, as we found everything the same as others. Right side of Paradise mid way down had some nice snow on the ridge, but dealing with the line at the quad wasn't worth it. Rolled the dice on the quad at open in the hopes of getting a single run down Coming Soon, no luck. They had it closed from the get-go. Found some fun along the left side of upper Main in the guns, since you took your life into your hands out in the middle of Main with all the people attempting to navigate the cookies and the pack of boarders sitting smack dab in the middle of the run! Took to the lot for a beer about 10:30, hoping that the 4 hour crowd would ease the lift lines, nope! Went back out and braved the lines for a couple more and called it.
  14. Honestly, nope. Blue follows the $, with tubing and BMR leading the way. I also don't think 2 days of training are going to make that much difference either since all other mountains are in the same situation.
  15. With extra natural on it mixed in, it'd be in good shape. Possibly best days of the season so far and BMR is gonna take over the slope? Blue gonna hear it on socials if they do that!
  16. So now there's a rumor going around the Coming Soon is going to be closed from 8-2 Sat & Sun for BMR training. Anyone else hear?
  17. Indeed! Maximum fuckery will ensue! I'm also being realistic along about 11:00am or so both days. Can't wait for Coming Soon Sunday! It's going to be wall-to-wall bumps and a minefield of Jerries strewn about!
  18. Speaking of trash, how did the lift lines look? All cleaned up?
  19. I railed them good about the garbage on the questionnaire, so hopefully that helped as well.
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