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  1. I'd only give it a 9.75/10 because there's no dinner receipt picture post.
  2. Yeah, all that is true, and to your point I'm not against anyone doing their thing either, but when it impacts me that's where I draw the line. If you want to dangle on a chair high enough up in the air without the safety bar down when I'm not on the chair with you, by all means, go for it. I'm all for you exercising your individual rights. I don't believe states should even have laws governing safety bar use like some do. My biggest issue riding lifts is that I have absolutely no control over when they're going to stop and how fast they're likely going to. I've been on some where when they hit the E-stop you go hurtling forward and without the bar down, you're likely to fly off the chair if you're not paying attention. On my bike, I'm mostly in control and statistically they're more dangerous, but like you said the perception of risk isn't the same. It's not the speed that kills, it's that sudden impact with the other immovable object or earth that does. And then we get to the top of the lift, raise the bar, slide off and hurl our bodied down a slope of frozen water at 50 MPH on one or two pieces of wood and metal with trees, snow boulders, rocks on either side. Yeah, we're crazy, but that's where the fun is!
  3. I'll take that over the shitty weather back here! I heard yesterday it was the warmest and snowless January on record for the Lehigh Valley.
  4. It always amazes me that people insist on raising the bar like 2-3 poles ahead of the top station, typically at the highest point above the ground. There's plenty of time to raise the bar even after the last support, which is about where we typically raise the bar. If/When I'm riding with strangers I'll usually keep my foot on the rest until we near the last support, just to piss people off. I'll usually get the "Ready?" far earlier and will reluctantly and slowly take my foot off the rest. Why people think it's cool to not put the safety bar down is beyond me.
  5. Evidently, somehow, someone fell off the couch, hence the increased safety bar awareness program...
  6. Yesterday on the quad a younger female BMR was sitting on her poles and didn't get off in time, lemme rephrase that, didn't get her poles out in time, nevermind... She rode around the bullwheel and proceeded to fall forward aside her poles and get stuck so that the operator had to run over and lift her back up onto the chair as she couldn't get back up herself.
  7. I was expecting to see the powder pics from you guys up there claiming it was at Blue!
  8. There's also one in the Summit courtyard. Guess the snowmakers need something to do with their time...
  9. How so? Just yelling at people?
  10. You'll be sweating in no time! Definitely, it's a moist cold! There was a big guy skiing in shorts this past Sunday.
  11. Even if, odds are they're not going to put any effort in opening anything new at this point.
  12. And a BMR race Sunday... Gonna be another fun day in Paradise.
  13. I hear they're putting up giant TV screens, see the mounts in the summit courtyard.
  14. Geez! They may has well saved a little space and just put in a ladder! Talk about vertigo!
  15. Yup, 2+" last night when I went out, nothing left this morning.
  16. Wow! Wonder how many drunks fell down that set of stairs? Better not start out with the left foot at the top!
  17. Had to be for quality control.
  18. I can't wait to see the video of you doing this T2B run!
  19. But that one will forever be remembered!
  20. This bill will probably approach $600 this year!
  21. And also the old uranium mines along 209 heading down into Jim Thorpe (FKA Mauch Chunk)... Used to dream about venturing down into them as a kid riding past on the way to grandmother's house up in Nesquehoning before they closed them permanently. https://www.mcall.com/news/mc-xpm-1985-03-03-2455714-story.html
  22. The other saving grace for the day was riding the quad overtop the college racers and checking out the Columbia judge in her white pants at the bottom of Razors as well as all the fit female racers in their airbrushed-on ski tights!
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