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  1. Oooh boy! Will be surprised if it's more than two ski lengths wide. Gonna make for some more high speed paint swapping. Let the fun begin!
  2. I dunno, for me "Real good" & "great" is stretching it. Your bar is set way lower than mine. After the first run, I'd say ok, at best. Well, better than nothing. Rolling up 946 by the school, a bald eagle crossed the road in front of me. Maybe it'll be a good day... 27' in the lot as I pulled in. As I look across the row while booting up, there's a Jerry wearing sweatpants tucked into the tops of his boots. Nope, guess it's gonna be one of those days... First run down took P-dis and it was probably ROTD with new snow and all but a single SP track down the upper. Lower had some washboard and slick in spots. Coming Soon was next and marbles already appearing and the headwall must have only had a skitch of snow blown on it because it was already slick and had to dodge a boarder sitting in the middle. Now I know it's gonna be one of those days. Over to the other side to get Burma done before the masses. Vista, with its fan guns, had some of the best snow on the mountain. Welp too late, had to dodge early rising beginners down Burma. Icy in the usual spots... Midway was already marbled up by the time we got there with some slick spots down the middle. Lower main was fair, but it too had marbles appearing. They had 3 slow signs to the far right at the merge, leaving just enough space between them and the edge to sneak past, but you had to watch for incoming people that wanted to swipe right into your path. Later the left side of Midway had some softer scrapings forming into bumps with the middle being scraped off pretty good, but annoying beginners were standing on the side right in the line. By 11:30am both lift lines were back to the readers, so we called it.
  3. I always said they need a webcam at the top of the old 6 pointed at the unload hill. People would watch the mayhem for hours. Blue could even sell subscriptions!
  4. Guns still going on Vista and P-dis! WJW!
  5. If they'd regrade that intersection so there's not a hump at the beginning of Shuttle to keep people moving, they wouldn't have that problem.
  6. Yeah, George was up last Saturday. Jr. has a girlfriend now, need I say more...
  7. For those with time, energy and inclination, one could probably go back through the reports and ascertain a lot of that information.
  8. Why? Glen Plake used to rip bumps on a monoski.
  9. How much for VIP parking?
  10. El Nino, La Nina, doesn't seem to matter anymore. PA gets fucked either way.
  11. Looks like they fired the guns up on Razors.
  12. Sure doesn't look like they got very much production out of blowing last night. Hopefully tonight's temps will allow for increased quantities. I'm thinking the ice rink may have just been an optical illusion, as now it doesn't look all that bad there and earlier there was what looked like a snowmobile track through it.
  13. Hoping it slides farther off the East coast...
  14. Dunno, they had been blowing on Vista, so I would think that new snow would have covered up any prior rain runoff that fell back on Sunday.
  15. Wed & Thu nights looking good, plus light winds helping to keep the snow on the trails instead of the woods & @toast21602's back yard.
  16. Maybe the wrecked Asian we saw last weekend was back? We were in the super 6 line and 3 Asian boarders were in front of us, one was blazing away on a joint right at the gate and could barely stand up. Of course, they didn't have a clue how to get on the lift, taking a couple of steps out from the gate and tried to sit on the chair as it came around. The liftie told the one guy you can't be smoking that here to which the guy replied "Sorry, I thought I was in Jersey. Isn't it legal here?" They had to stop the lift and get the 3 out of the way since there was a full boat at the line for the chair they tried to sit on. Later, Slim saw the guy chowing down in the lower lodge, said he must've had the munchies big time with the way he was eating.
  17. They're calling for dryer air this week and coupled with the nightly temps and being closed all week, they *should* be able to get at least Paradise, Coming Soon and maybe even upper Main open. Of course, it's Blue, so there's always the chance they blow another pipe somewhere and shit the bed yet again.
  18. Just went down to grab a cup o' joe, looked outside and the lawn is white! Nice!
  19. From what I hear, things have changed since being bought. I've heard they don't put in the snowmaking effort like they used to. The last time we were there a couple years back now, one of the guys we were skiing with decided to poach a run that had the guns going. SP tracked him down and yanked his pass w/out even a warning. Of course, he managed to skirt the readers at the bottom lift and rode the upper lift the rest of the day.
  20. Looking at Main Street cam, it looks like it survived better than I expected. There were some skid marks on Saturday and with how warm it was and then the rain, I thought lower would have some bare spots, but looks like it came through ok.
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