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  1. We rolled the dice on Nightweaver, so lined up at the quad first thing, hoping to get something worthwhile and it paid off as we had experienced some of the best man-made snow Blue had, groomed to near perfection. It was so good we decided to double-dip which turned out to be one time too many as by the second run it had gone to absolute total carved up shit. Oh well… Went looking near and far for something good, but only found sugar everywhere. The only saving grace we found was the right-side ridge of Coming Soon. You could go all the way to the grass, but there was a huge stone lurking underneath the thin skiff of sugar and if you weren’t aware you’d come away with some scars. Just another day in the sugary paradise… Currently flurrying on the webcams and sleeting here in H-town.
  2. Had to have been having some fun then!
  3. Ha! Not really. I just repeat what I've been told a bunch of times before.
  4. Bah! Outta the box and into the rocks! If you're worried about your bases, you're not having fun. Chicks dig scars!
  5. Well, there was a fair crowd at times at the new lift. It's a pretty poor layout, having the readers so close to the lift. Whomever designed that wasn't too swift. When it was crowded, the attendants were "attempting" to group people who were already in the two-person grouping lines. It was a cluster and nobody was listening to them when they would try to get people to fill up chairs at that point, yelling at them to "GO! Fill up the chair!" They also put the SP trailer too close to the readers, so there's no real way to expand the reader lines, so they put up a fence which screws up that entire area. It's like they didn't even give any thought whatsoever as to how it was going to work or include any ideas from anyone who actually uses the lifts.
  6. I had been using the original card up until last season. The readers seemed to be having an increasingly hard time reading it, so I had them swap the card out with a new one and haven't had a problem since. FWIW, the readers at the new lift work incredibly well.
  7. Pretty stupid that they're open at all today.
  8. I wonder about the few parcels right along the drive? Looks like people are still living in them??
  9. That or make a porn flick...
  10. QFT! Not to mention them putting the stupid fence up halfway across the base area, so coming down Trails End you have to fight through the crowds just to get to the entrance. Checking out the webcams in the late afternoon/evening, the place is packed! Hope crowds thin out for you, but WJW!
  11. Probably because the auto-Safety bar was whacking everyone in the head in the base and top stations. Looks like they were adjusting the chairs during noon stoppage.
  12. The last time the price of oil soared I dumped the stinky oil furnace and went with a hybrid heat pump/propane system. The majority of the time it's running the heat pump, but on those brutal cold days the propane will take over and fire up. It's also a staged burner so that if it's just over the brink of being too cold for the heat pump, only one set of burners kick on and then modulates up to all burners when it's crazy cold.
  13. The son is up there now, says it's all hands on deck to load up the barrels...
  14. Hmm. Sounds like a future BMR candidate...
  15. On top of that you'd have to piss it all out and then use even more flushing the toilet!
  16. Another excellent day for setting bumps on Main Street once the temps came up. Set a line from top almost to bottom, through the skid mark where the troughs were getting down to the dirt. Should be another great bump day tomorrow!
  17. Exactly! That's why the government abhors decentralized currencies and cash, because they have no control over it and can't track its whereabouts. Wouldn't surprise me in the least that the government propped up FTX only to have it collapse in a major way, just to help the demise of crypto and/or call for backdoors to track/regulate it. Just read through the Twitter papers to see just how much reach/influence the government really has over social media and mainstream media. They spin stuff to make it sound like it's good for the people so they accept it, but what they doing is really for nefarious reasons.
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