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  1. Going back to weekend warrior now that the holidays are over.
  2. Also have to add the absolute atrocity that was the attempted grooming for today! It probably was the worst it’s been this entire season. Not only were there ridges, but large swaths of overflow boulders they never went back to smooth and also some huge gouges. It was so bad @AtomicSkier didn’t want to lead the way down Mudway and Muck Street! Of course there was no way he was patient enough to stay behind us the entire way and we had a good laugh about it the bottom!
  3. Dunno, Blue never seemed to looked as much like a landfill back when Barb was running the place. Yeah there were some cans, bottles, etc., but when they noticed it they sent out crews to pick up, especially when the snow had melted and all the trash appeared. Now it seems like they just don’t give a shit anymore and are just letting the place turn into a trash heap.
  4. Got a questionnaire e-mail today about my visit. Gonna really rail them on the trash to see if it actually does anything positive.
  5. So F’n fed up with Groundhog Day skiing!! Deep sugar piles everywhere where making things challenging for everyone, especially beginners as we watched many of them face-planting all over Coming Soon. Right side of Midway had a short little bump run for some fun, but it wasn’t really worth having to run the beginner gauntlet on Vista and the choke at the bottom of Main. So many close calls…
  6. indiggio


    Yeah @Barb that’s barely a scratch. Ski them or get a shop to fill it and base grind. Edge is fine and not down to the core so no problem using them as is. Outta the box and into the rocks!
  7. I actually witnessed this and it was grate. Truly amazed at how agile @GrilledSteezeSandwich really is. I thought for sure he was going to run right over @AtomicSkier's Kastles and a fight would ensue, but he managed to skirt through everyone without nary a scrape! Took a run down Burma early for shits and giggles, yeah, nope. It was like 6" deep sugar the entire run. At least we didn't get whistled at by SP. Midway/Lower Main was almost as scary with its cookies and suspect grooming. Spent the rest of the day lapping Coming Soon. At least skier's right ridge was playful. Skier's left was a minefield of boulders with lots of sugar piles.
  8. indiggio


    Snow surprisingly locked up overnight and made everything firm and fast. However, wherever a snowmobile had gone over the snow, it was soft underneath. @tarponhead showed up and lapped everything with him until the legs gave out from the soft snow on Coming Soon. Sun was out most of the morning and it was warming up fast. However around noon clouds rolled in and it began to drizzle and continued to do so while we drank beers in the lot. Vista was absolutely nutz going through there mid morning with all the beginners and crazies intermingling to try to safely navigate the mayhem. On down towards the Vista lift, there's now just a WROD funneling everyone into tight quarters which made for some jocularity. Midway was nice later, but trying to get through the Vista debacle didn't make it worthwhile. Lower Main is hurting and it'll be interesting just how wide it'll be tomorrow after the sun and traffic today. They could push some snow down from upper Main. The connector under the super six is perhaps an 1" deep now and will need some help to stay open, but who knows from where they'll get snow for that. Coming Soon was ROTD after it softened up. There was a beginner girl at the top whining to her friend she couldn't make it down because it was too steep and that she was gonna die, to which I asked her if I could have her goggles then. We told her to just traverse and she'd be fine. We didn't see her again. Upper Paradise is done, stick a fork in it. Lower Paradise is also in need of snow as a part of it is barely 1" deep and will probably be dirt by the end of today. There's pretty much nowhere to get snow so that'll be real interesting if they can't keep that open. Gonna be a fun weekend!
  9. Pretty much the entire country needs a lot of cold!
  10. And, of course, did you check out the bathrooms?
  11. Nah, he told me last year that he saved up enough to buy a new roto-tiller, since his old one died on him. Thought for a second you were talking about Grateful Bob the liftie. He stopped to chat in the parking lot last weekend. He's waiting for the Challenge lift to open and was filling in on the learning hill triple the other day.
  12. Yup, unfortunately it seems as though humanity is going in the wrong direction...
  13. You failed to mention the new garbage dump that is the valley parking lot. Look around when you first get there, the place is totally littered with trash people just throw under their car or flat out just leave it where they drop it. Would help if Blue would put out more trash cans so you wouldn't have to walk a country mile to get to one...
  14. QFT! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1A2CjvLHUZ/?igsh=MXRzOGp5c2duZHA4aw==
  15. 🤣 https://www.instagram.com/reel/C05wv92NXCR/?igsh=ZG5tNmhodTl0OGo1
  16. Indeed! The snow was hero from the get-go. The little bit of rain, humidity and bump in the temp make for some excellent conditions on every trail. Ended up setting a bump line on right side of lower Main. Legs are shot now. Crowds were down due to the holiday and the place would have been pretty empty if it weren't for BMR everywhere.
  17. I have yet to see anyone in the lot.
  18. The crazies were definitely out yesterday. They didn't have a rope or closed trail signs across Raceway. Guess the obvious single pile of snow wasn't enough to indicate to some people it was a closed trail, so they decided the fast-grass looked fun and made multiple runs down it. Didn't take long for SP to rope it off.
  19. Indeed, more terrain for the masses is better for all.
  20. Oooh boy! Will be surprised if it's more than two ski lengths wide. Gonna make for some more high speed paint swapping. Let the fun begin!
  21. I dunno, for me "Real good" & "great" is stretching it. Your bar is set way lower than mine. After the first run, I'd say ok, at best. Well, better than nothing. Rolling up 946 by the school, a bald eagle crossed the road in front of me. Maybe it'll be a good day... 27' in the lot as I pulled in. As I look across the row while booting up, there's a Jerry wearing sweatpants tucked into the tops of his boots. Nope, guess it's gonna be one of those days... First run down took P-dis and it was probably ROTD with new snow and all but a single SP track down the upper. Lower had some washboard and slick in spots. Coming Soon was next and marbles already appearing and the headwall must have only had a skitch of snow blown on it because it was already slick and had to dodge a boarder sitting in the middle. Now I know it's gonna be one of those days. Over to the other side to get Burma done before the masses. Vista, with its fan guns, had some of the best snow on the mountain. Welp too late, had to dodge early rising beginners down Burma. Icy in the usual spots... Midway was already marbled up by the time we got there with some slick spots down the middle. Lower main was fair, but it too had marbles appearing. They had 3 slow signs to the far right at the merge, leaving just enough space between them and the edge to sneak past, but you had to watch for incoming people that wanted to swipe right into your path. Later the left side of Midway had some softer scrapings forming into bumps with the middle being scraped off pretty good, but annoying beginners were standing on the side right in the line. By 11:30am both lift lines were back to the readers, so we called it.
  22. I always said they need a webcam at the top of the old 6 pointed at the unload hill. People would watch the mayhem for hours. Blue could even sell subscriptions!
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