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1/13/21..holding onto winter.

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Hey All,


I’m back from another fun morning at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 820am and it was 33 degrees out under mostly cloudy sky’s with snowguns still blasting on Razors edge, tubing and a few random spots. In the house was BenM, ZZSlope, Charles, Enjorales cousin and Rodney’s crew. 


First civilian six pack.  Challenge had very nice snow. A bit uneven grooming so pretty normal. I skied challenge a second time then Main Street which was a soft cord carpet on the top and pretty smooth lower down. Switchback was also very nice. Paradise was nice but crowded and lazy mile was nice as well. 


With both the quad and six pack running there were no real liftlines beyond maybe 10-15 chairs and I managed 9 runs by 10:25am. All in all a very pleasant morning with nice snow conditions and comfortable temperatures at Blue the true..ski some of you tomorrow AM. 


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I rode from 330 to about 6, snow was super fast night skiing stuff but way better grip than yesterday. Falls is still interesting with some bigger holes. 

The winch cat appeared to be broken down on the side of challenge as they had 3 cats trying to pull it out.

Lift lines got wild around 430 and tons of dick tippers/ no mask at all. I'm not a rule stickler by default but 200 people butts to nuts with no line person half of which arent wearing any mask is asking for trouble 

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1 hour ago, Johnny Law said:

Me too, I'm shooting for open 

Nice. I have about an hour of skiing that I can squeeze in. Haven't ridden with you since for weeks!

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Was up 530-730 on Valley School with the fam. Lines at the 6 looked deep all night. I don’t know if it’s a weekday night thing but as Law said, mask wearing was poor, especially at the learning hill. Lifties and instructors didn’t say a word

Snow was decent and my whirlybirds are improving. I’m guessing they were able to get that groomer out because I saw a couple running on Razors when we were in the lot.

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