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Elk is clearing timber from the East side of the mountain.


Last year Elks' owners bought the land they previously leased.. so they now own all of the terrain the resort is built upon.


The latest rumor is a 200 unit condo development will be built.

A road has been cut in and trees are being removed...




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I can't say for sure, but the two timbered areas are on steep slopes and almost look like a revamping of Mohawk, Delaware, and the terrain park??? c

With the condo area further down hill, in the neighborhood of the lower part of the Lehigh trail on a more level area. (Would make more sense than building on the steep slopes). And this is purely a guess!

The timber is being hauled to saw mills in the area.

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Building a 200 unit condo complex doing is not something that will fly under the radar of the local (municipal) and county planning and permitting processes.  There's water, sewer, power, runoff specifications that have to be addressed. 

You get the permitting and legal things in order before you move any dirt or cut any trees down.  On the other hand this is Susquehanna County and associated small municipalities with part time officals which likely do not have complicated permitting and approval processes like Scranton, the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, etc.

More that a few people will know if an actual 200 unit construction project is in the works, architects, builders, firms that do the permitting, the county office staff. 

If dirt and trees have already been moved then someone knows what's up, we just need to find out who, get them to 'fess up, and someone report back here!

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