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Jackson hole 2023…

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I was chatting with a friend about Jackson hole and she was asking me about the temperatures.  The temperatures were mostly in the single digits through the teens early in the trip and then when it snowed they rose into low to mid 20s in the valley, colder on the hill and then after it snowed it was Joe Biden in the basement temperatures Oh Come on Man and then last morning was single digits and felt like the northern part of Miami.  

On the first cold morning when it was -29 booting up and my balaclava was free of boogers and dead skin, I would guess there were 80-90% less skiers and riders than normal.  Where were those other people??  Eating breakfast slower than Nazareth Jay, laying in bed watching the hourly temperature rise from -26 to -24, we all know @saltyantwas watching the webcams with his pecker out.  As long as you’re moving it’s tolerable.  No peeing in the woods those days.  

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Crew who was there.

my apologies I got roped into some work b*llsh*t Monday afternoon and went right back to town so they would not bug me rest of week.

Yea Monday morning was about as cold as I ever seen it  as long as I kept moving I was ok.

These pics are from Headwall hike over to Casper into a line called Fremont   Loved it, nice sustained pitch.









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Good: walking bare foot from my hotel building to NMSkis fireplace suite building down the icy wooden steps past the hot tub where I’d always catch a few sentences of conversation among Midwest ski club people.  

Somebody said they skied deep powder in Stevensons bowl off of apres vous(Saratoga)..maybe he saw Nazareth jay there.  

There was a younger woman in a bikini who didn’t have an ounce of body fat. She looked like a professional swimmer.  If I had a chance to talk to her I’d tell her that if I was a professional swimmer I’d shave all my body hair in order to be more hydrodynamic in the water.  She’d prob pelt me with snowballs and I’m alright with that.  

Yeah barefoot when it’s 5 degrees or minus 5 outside..maybe I’ll invest in some crocks for next years trip..I can put them in sport mode for walking the tree hundred and fiddy steps to the bagel place.  

Bad: when there’s 5 days left and you only have three clean shirts and three pairs of clean underwear left.   Yeah I wore my Notorious BIG shirt like three or four times.  Second time I wore it the waiter was calling me Big Poppy and I explained I only wore the shirt two hours the night before.  

I actually snapped this picture to send to my friend who gave me the shirt.  I look faded 


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I’m gonna wrap this up with some more good bad and ugly.  

Good: The variety of terrain that was skied.  In Deep powder multiple laps on Grand, deep deep Cirque and the gully after the chutes and below expert chutes and scattered all around, Hobacks powder, lower faces powder, amphitheater powder and cord..not much chop..screaming fast empty groomers when 20 below.  

Bad: I had issues with the hot water in the shower..it seemed like around 530 when I wanted to shower not much hot water and lower water pressure.  Wasn’t an issue in the morning.  Plenty of towels though.  

Ugly: no warm nuts offered on the first class flight to Jackson hole because it was a breakfast flight.  

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