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Jackson hole 2023…

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January 29th 2023


Day 5 of 7. 

Hey All,


Im back from another session at Jackson hole mountain resort.  No more powder panic today as there was only 6” new in the last 24 hours but only 2” overnight.  We left for the mountain at 755am and it was around zero degrees under mostly cloudy sky’s.  We took a different approach up the mountain…Sweetwater gondola to Casper to thunder groomed on the Grand…up Sublette and NMSki, Atomic Jeff and Nazareth Jay hiked the head wall and me and Mute did a Bivoac woods run which was very soft not untracked and then over to thunder and some pow below expert chutes and did that twice and met the boys bottom of Thunder.  

Up Thunder and I split up because I didn’t want to ski tower three so went over to the Casper area and found a good bit of leftover pow and also over to Apres Vous for more of the same. At the top of Apres Vous, atomic Jeff text me they were halfway up Sublette and taking last run and I timed it perfectly taking two more runs and literally was walking back to our $40 parking space in the village lot.  Now finishing up lunch at the Snake river brewery.  














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20 hours ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Dime are you going anywhere out west this season?

Probably not this season, I've still never been.  A fellow PA patient got me back into riding after a long hiatus sick of CBK and getting life together.  Would def love to in the future though.  Picking up the early bird pass for Blue as soon as it's available and currently riding Thursdays from open till 1 on 4 hour morning tickets until then.  See ya on the hill and stay safe out there!

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