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1/14/22...angry Goldilocks.


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Sun came out about 10:30, and the wind coming up Razors moderated a little, but would still slow you down quite a bit. Left a little after 11, and still wasn’t crowded. Parking area near the ski patrol was roped off, apparently to allow buses to unload.

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2 hours ago, AtomicSkier said:

Razors was good ... but Main Street was butter.  Main had the best snow on the hill.  I do enjoy a good Midway -> Lower Main though when she's empty, and it was skiing great today.  See everyone Sunday!

love a good raceway(widowmaker)>midway combo off of the dubs

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The widowermaker midway lower main line is awesome once the other side opens and you can get a clear run with decent snow. The last little pitch of raceway into the roll over on midway always makes you want to check speed at least for a millisecond.  

Warm and the snow was so good on main and pretty good elsewhere.  So nice to have switch back even if the snow was just ok.  They even ran both chairs.  

Tomorrow is going to test the stiching on my clothing but this has been a very good stretch of snow for blue. Basically since it's gotten cold all they've done is open trails and within two or three days the snow has been quite good.  

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