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Ski VT Easter Weekend


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Spent some quality time at the Bush today. Firm start on super bravo, but once gatehouse started loading we moved over there to find some really soft snow. Played in that area for a while, then went down to the base again to find a huge lineup at super bravo. Went back over to the other side after a run there. 
they had springfest today, and  drew a big crowd. It was pretty busy. Sunny co ditikns all fay, but chillier than yeaterday. Another real nice day with the crew. 

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Another fire day in the Mad River Valley. I forgot how vertical the bush is but first run down heavens in the kinda stiff and I remembered. 

NM had called gatehouse like 2 days ago and it was prime, super soft miking it kinda turns. Super nice soft bumps and just super fun everywhere you go.

The beer everywhere is redic but super glad we stopped at Lawsons both for the beer and intrigue. 

The rest of the crew is headed south whereas my destiny lies east across the border but it was most excellent to rip with such a fine crew. I've skied more bumps in two days than two years and there may be no higher compliment. 

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Nice to see you guys on your way home.

Nice thing about the Crown Vic - skis fit in the trunk cross-wise. Got 23 mpg for the trip. Not too shabby for something that size. 

Went "off pass" this weekend at Plattekill and Belleayre, spent the night at Twilight Lodge (in Tannersville as decision to hit Belleayre instead of Hunter on Sun was made after I booked room - based on reports of not great conditions at Hunter on Sat).

Still got nice deals - $25 at Platte and $48 at Belle.

Next up will be Breck April 15-17 making for at least a 35 day Skison 

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10 hours ago, NMSKI said:

Great weekend.  Gotta close out my season like this every year!


Totally agree.  what a great weekend, can hang the skis up and look back on the last 3 days and be pretty darn happy about ending my season on that note.  FYI, Easter 2024 is March 31st.  


Magic is such a neat place.  i really want to make a go of it again next year when they have more open, but damn it was some fun skiing yesterday, particullary anything that might have been considered a tad sketchy.  It was a firm start, but the groomed runs were nice for the most part.  Once the sun did its work, Tom headed off for some exploration and found " sketchy run #1, sketchy trees #1, and sketchy trees #2" which even with my legs being pretty beat up from the past 2 days, it didnt take much to convince me to check it out.  Things were just soft enough, and im sure they would have been really soft in the afternoon, but we needed to make like a banana and split after a nice lunch on the deck with a view.  

The history behind Magic is a good read, and im still reading up on it.  I wasnt aware the quad lift was installed quite a while ago, but has had one issue after another with a derailment, the haul rope, and some of the sheaves needing replaced, and since its been installed, i dont think it has had one person on it.  Looking into the history of the place, they have never had good luck with the lifts there, the green one took like 15 years to get going.  I think the place is built on an ancient indian burial ground, and they hate lifts for some reason.  Also, the place went bankrupt in the 90's and was shut down for 5 years or so, so its hard not to root for the place coming back to life.  I think the lady that sold me my ticket, also brought us our lunch.  There is zero corporate at Magic, and there isnt much PC about the place.  i love it.  

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