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  1. Steamboat is getting in the game of selling off lifts. https://denver.cbslocal.com/2022/05/23/steamboat-ski-resort-auction-christie-lift-chairs-gondola-cabins-expansion-project/
  2. I have no idea how construction of a new chairlift usually goes but is this something you need to submit plans to the county for? If so I'm surprised someone hasn't dug up a set of drawings that show the route. Maybe I'm off on that though and they don't need to submit anything publicly.
  3. My AC is broken again. Just having the entire thing replaced at this point. Unfortunately it won't be until Wednesday of next week. Wish me luck.
  4. just more room to ski during the once every 5 year storms
  5. You can see one tower dropped on the ground on the Main Street cam now
  6. Just wait two years when people who paid $1200 for these chairs realize they are just taking up space in the garage and sell them for $100 on Craigslist
  7. All chairs must be picked up by June 17? Is the 18th when they take the 100 or so unsold chairs to a scrap yard?
  8. There is a lot of action on the Camelback webcams as opposed to barely being able to see anything going on at Blue https://www.camelbackresort.com/live-cam-gallery/
  9. I'm surprised they aren't routing it right up the lift line of the Burma/Main Street Chair. I'm sure there's a good reason it's not going there but I just can't seem to figure out what that is right now. I'm not a huge fan of lifts that turn though so maybe it's for the best.
  10. Let me preface this by saying it's extremely unlikely BUT They could maintain their ability to open early with just the upper mountain if they build a mid-station into this new lift that would load at the bottom of main street.
  11. Rope's gone! They will probably reuse it when they build the transfer cabriolet from the back lot where we have to park now to the base of the Summit Safari Super Six
  12. If they included something with the chair for 1200 it would be more enticing. Buy a chair get a free lift ticket or something like that
  13. Boulder would be doing much better if they sold the chairs for $1200. They left money on the table
  14. $1200 is certainly not leaving any money on the chairs, there hasn't been money left on the table in quite a while. I'm getting ready for them to pave the parking lot and sell the bigger pieces of gravel off at $5 a piece before they bring the asphalt in.
  15. https://www.townepark.com/t-park/product-features/ My best guess is that they will install a kiosk style parking system with an attendant who will walk around and scan license plates for people who didn't pay via app or kiosk and then give them a ticket and/or call to have them towed. I bet they send an email to all passholders having us register our license plates by the time the season starts next year.
  16. I'll never buy a boot without BOA again. Flows though I'm still on the fence about, though I'm currently binding shopping.
  17. I hope the swimmers and paddleboarders don't disturb the koi too much
  18. Why is Blue Mountain looking for lifeguards?
  19. Time to send up another recon plane!
  20. That sign would have looked good on the wall of a Hotel House
  21. This is getting real serious real fast. Chairs are still on the Main Street Chair as of right now
  22. That is very reasonable. I'm guessing that international flights aren't as in demand as domestics this year.
  23. There are some decently priced flights out there but for some reason PHL to DEN is holding strong at over $500 round trip which just seems overpriced to me.
  24. If flights to Denver weren't ridiculous right now I would consider popping out there for a few days but the airlines aren't leaving any money on the table at the moment.
  25. It's crazy to think we've taken our last rides on the Main Street and Burma chairs
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