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  1. I think we will see concrete this week. It's a decent sized risk to open up those holes and let them get rained on. I would love to see the forms being built.
  2. Even if you just strung it through the hole on top of the chair it would be cool to hang it from a metal cable of sorts.
  3. I like this idea. Also could we set one up pointed at your grill? I think that would be a fun one to watch in the off season.
  4. The pile of branches and the one of lift towers is gone from Main Street
  5. You're right, they are definitely worth at least $1,500. We are lucky they are offering us a deal.
  6. Hardly any $1200 chairs left! Hurry up and snag yours today
  7. Go to CVS they will take care of the whole picture thing for you then just turn it in with the paperwork at the post office. Some post offices require an appointment, the one in Downingtown did.
  8. It would be for very specific makes and models only so what's the point?
  9. Can't leave money on the table
  10. You're right. They will have to have all the bases set and ready to go first and then just drop them down on the anchor bolts. Actually might only be a half days worth of work depending how fast they can get them done.
  11. That clearing looks steeper than Chute too.
  12. That is some wild timing. I doubt they will set them all today so maybe we have a chance.
  13. Do you think they will set towers with a helicopter? If that's the case would anyone have interest in a bike ride the day they are doing that, ending at the lower lot to tailgate and watch the construction?
  14. They would charge you per hit if one of those towers was on NMDW. Can't leave money on the table! Speaking of tables, remember table top jumps? I remember them being absolutely every jump when I was younger and I can't remember seeing one in the past few years.
  15. It's pretty cool to see a pile of lift towers. Definitely not something you see every day.
  16. I don't know how they can do a promotion and sell these things for less than the initial price without huge backlash or at the very least a good drubbing online. I think they will just have them for sale all summer long until they absolutely have to scrap them at some point. All in the name of not leaving money on the table. I think the move should have been to sell chairs but include something along with it from the start. Buy a chair get free parking all next year; buy a chair get a $100 gift card for the restaurant; buy a chair get $X off of a season pass. Literally anything but "Haul away our trash but leave us over a grand on your way out".
  17. Half the fun is wondering what they are trying to do up there.
  18. Steamboat is getting in the game of selling off lifts. https://denver.cbslocal.com/2022/05/23/steamboat-ski-resort-auction-christie-lift-chairs-gondola-cabins-expansion-project/
  19. I have no idea how construction of a new chairlift usually goes but is this something you need to submit plans to the county for? If so I'm surprised someone hasn't dug up a set of drawings that show the route. Maybe I'm off on that though and they don't need to submit anything publicly.
  20. My AC is broken again. Just having the entire thing replaced at this point. Unfortunately it won't be until Wednesday of next week. Wish me luck.
  21. just more room to ski during the once every 5 year storms
  22. You can see one tower dropped on the ground on the Main Street cam now
  23. Just wait two years when people who paid $1200 for these chairs realize they are just taking up space in the garage and sell them for $100 on Craigslist
  24. All chairs must be picked up by June 17? Is the 18th when they take the 100 or so unsold chairs to a scrap yard?
  25. There is a lot of action on the Camelback webcams as opposed to barely being able to see anything going on at Blue https://www.camelbackresort.com/live-cam-gallery/
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