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PASR Day @ Jack Frost (1/30/2011)


Jack Frost PASR Day  

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  1. 1. Are you attending?

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Yes. This is jfbb we are talking about its all good


Even have features in the park glade for the jibhonks


The best part about the ONE Park glade features are all the BMX style jumps. They are totally legit and SUPER fun! I'm not much of a jibber, but the jumps are great. They have a nice flow and are all a nice size. Nothing is too large or too small...everything is just right.


GSS - JF is 100% skiable. With the recent snowfall, steady cold temps the whole winter, and a couple nights of snowmaking with a strategically placed ground polecat even Mark's Way is in the mix!!!

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Wow..based on the poll and the mad steezy forecast it's looking like Jackson Frost is gonna be loaded to the max with PASRs...for those of you thinking, why should I throw down $30 to ski Jack Frost when I already have a season pass somewhere else...well the answer is because it's one of the most legit 600 vert hills in the world...


Check out the report thread from last year if you have a short minute for extra stoke..rumor haz it there might be a legend in the house...no not Glen Plake or Danny Kass....Johnny Style..



Stoke from last year!!! http://www.paskiandride.com/forums/topic/15314-jack-frost-2-27-10/

Nice post Doug! Actually Glenn plake was at frost last season and had some nice things to say about our hill. I heard he destroyed the elevator...literally jumped in coming down river shot at a good clip.

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Oh shoot! We're going to miss it this year! It was fun to meet everyone last year, even though I couldn't keep up with any of you. :) We'll be at BB on Saturday - my son is riding with the BBD Team now (yay!), but we have a "family obligation" on Sunday and won't be at JF. Have a blast - the conditions this year have been wonderful.

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Guess I'll be the only girl then.


Hopefully not. Bob & I are planning to come. I won't really be on my game this year though. This will probably be my 1st and maybe only day on the snow this year. Ugh. Hope the greens and blues are good at JF.


Leslie will probably be there, where's Melissa been at this season???


That's it... I'm calling Melissa!



Melissa needs to step it up and come to the PASR day. Plus she likes to drink!!!





Any word on those free tix? :)


Of course not because a certain site owner is too busy sipping tropical cocktails with his feet in the sand tp get them out there. Haha.

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Hey guys, I'm new to this site, but I've been skiing at jack frost for like seven years or so. I'll be at the mountain for a little while on Sunday, how does this all work?


stay tuned for a meeting time or times. it really wont be hard to spot the PASR's, looks like a pretty big group skiing primarily east mt.

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You guys made the front scrolling banner of the JFBB website! You have your own welcome message up. They are prepared for the invasion. So bummed to miss it...

They even have a link to PASR on the banner. That's pretty BA.

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