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PASR Day @ Jack Frost (1/30/2011)


Jack Frost PASR Day  

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I'll be there but not sure I can meet u guys at 9. Look for you on east mt. Unfortunately, I have very blend-in, regular clothes, black pants, light blue columbia jacket, and black helmet, but hope to hook up, at least for a drink later. Thanks! Donna

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It's been snowing in the Burg all day. It's going to be colder than it has the past couple of days tomorrow. Should be for some superb skiing and riding wiggle.gifbanana.gif This will be my first day out since the 7th!! Been working so much freaking overtime it's ridicules.

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i wont be there but my parents want to go. can they get the discount? my mom will have blackpants ans a white jacket and my dad has black pants and a camo jacket.


tell them to print out the coupon in the first post...anyone can use it, and they dont even have to meet up with us :wiggle

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W00t. So pumped for PASR day tomorrow. I'm setting my alarm for 6 but I don't want to guarantee anything. I'm shooting for an 8 on the snow. Hope I remember what some of you guys look like, it's been a while :tinfoil:


I'll be out in a Brown Northface Jacket, darker brown pants and a bright green bandanna.

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