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2/11…super bowl Sunday.

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Hey all,


I’m back from another fun morning at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 720am and it was in the low 40s under overcast sky’s.  In the house was everybody who was there yesterday except Dirtwolf, Justo and Rose but KevinThomas, Nancy, Schif, Matt Edge, Falco and Shopey1080 were there.  

First civilian OG six pack to challenge which was firm, Paradise was a lot better as was lazy mile.  Coming soon had similar firm conditions just like challenge.  Crowds were super light with no lift lines.  The snow got more edgeable on lazy mile and became full on spring snow on lazy.  I didn’t think the snow was quite as spring like as yesterday…id say conditions were ok..a couple more skeet spots.  It will be nice if we receive some snow this week.  

Fun parking lot and a sausage Sunday, I enjoyed a breakfast Sando, slider burgers, sausage and steak.  



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It could have been enjos cooking but I thought today was better than yesterday as well. 

NMDW was most excellent and challenge after the first headwall was very good, Widow and le chute were soft almost from the start and held excellent turns.

It was a little too uneven in places to really fly but a super nice way to spend super bowl Sunday. 

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Maybe I’m confusing days..both yesterday and today were very solid days…but not boner doner except for the food and commaraderie. No real liftlines mid winter and chilling in the lot no jacket is a treat.  Today felt a little chillier 

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Just Jeff and I that I saw this morning. Nice conditions on Razors and TCS, bulletproof and flat. Marbles on Challenge. NM/DW and lower Paradise in good shape. Lazy and Main got pretty soft and cut up fairly quickly. Lot of skid marks on Main. Chute and Midway had a lot of uneven groomer marks but still skiable. Hopefully not much rain before the snow. 

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