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the pics from today thread

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bringing some usefulness back to pasr. title says it all. take some pictures where you were skiing today and post them in this thread. might even cut down on useless TR threads :D.


lets try and get someone to post each day. ill start.


bluebird at the bush today.





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My thirteen-year-old and I got out on the citadel yesterday.  This was a big deal for him and was his first true ski-mountaineering adventure.  

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Do you want pics from out of PA? Just wondering. Seems like if it's PA Ski and Ride, then Sugarbush wouldn't qualify. I always take a "pic of the day" personally, but not sure that is what is needed.

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To be fair, Shawnee has a deep base on everything thats open. deeper than camelback for sure, the picture is a bit deceiving. There is a ton of snow in the park too, and the top is covered and even enough in the woods do do some quick tree shots on the side. I think they were holding off for this weekend to blast the mountain again, but conditions were good considering it was free (WNEP card).

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I hope u were prepared. Fannyflap and icescraper for goggles.


I am always prepared. Skigee attached to every pair of mittens I own. Fanny flap and SECOND PAIR of ski pants kept me dry. I don't let weather stop me.


By the way, a PASR member may be coming for a visit....

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