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the pics from today thread


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Just got back from a great weekend in Tahoe, both days at Alpine, finally some decent base on the ground and some fresh snow under the board. It's been a long time coming but hopefully we will have a long spring season now. Sorry no pic's, my bad for not taking the camera.

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picture of Blue Mountain from today. It normally looks like this in May...



Over the past couple of seasons, closing day would have been this past weekend right?


Now the mountain bike trails at Blue are ready.

Are they starting that back up again this year?

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they should have hill climbs on challenge.


blue would be such a good hick playground. the location is perfect. i already told you were the drag strip could go. now they got a hill climb, and im sure we could fit a shooting range in somewhere. could have burnout contests and 2 dollar pitchers of Olympia (because, its the water c'mon) on weekend race days.

the disc golf course could double as skeet shooting

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Two pics for today...one from the top of Ajax looking at Highlands, and the second is for NSJay...pesto chicken wrap from the big wrap with his favorite gear shop in the background. Conditions today were awesome spring corn. So smooth, fast, and grippy.








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