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the pics from today thread


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From today. Fewer people, odd conditions. Yesterday we had HIGH HIGH winds and odd textured snow. Today, some areas were wind packed, others were scoured and parts of the back were excellent. But we started getting a lot of graupel as the day went on, which was I guess super dry as it felt sort of like sand on the hill. Moved lower and things were fine, but not the most exciting stuff.


On Heaven in AM, looks nice, but was quite deceiving. Nice powder covering wind-scoured hard pack.




No action here, but it was a beautiful view.



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Should have been a banner day!!! 22 inches in the last 24 hours, 17 last night. BUT, the entire valley was here. I've never seen lines so long. People were lining up 1.5 hours before the main lift opened and then it opened a half hour late due to blasting or something. People were backed up the hill waiting to ride that lift. I'm sure all the churches were empty!!! I rode Chair 2 a few times, hoping Chair One would get down to 20 minutes in the singles line, but finally headed over to Chair Four and rode that. That's not so bad, there's a ton of steep trees on either side of it and there was no one riding it. However, Siblet had car trouble and had to get to her coaching job and my husband and I needed to deal with getting her car moved before it got towed to the impound lot because she had to abandon it and get a ride from someone else. At least I got seven runs in. All pictures taken from Friends of Langley, Langley, and Powder Trap. DEEP soft snow, wonderful stuff.









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Holy freaking liftline..... is that Blue Mountain, jeebus.... only difference is that it's actually worth the wait....


Most of my friends (the "regulars") told me they also never even attempted to ski on that chair, most left mid day. We're just spoiled as hell. I went to Costco later with my husband - EMPTY. I know where they all were.

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If you sit alot, like during camping I could see a need because even a 20/20 pant will get wet but skiing your mostly standing....


If it's dumping and your sitting in snow every lift ride it'll soak through.

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If it's dumping and your sitting in snow every lift ride it'll soak through.


Exactly. It also insulates, so if it's howling winds and below zero it helps as well. Personally, if it's snowing, I have TWO pair of "waterproof" pants on PLUS the butt flap. I don't want to go in because I'm wet, I want to ski. I'm way past worrying about looking good.

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