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A great way to waste time and money


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36 minutes ago, C1erArt said:

Any vacuum bagging in the plans?

I will most likely stick to pressing. I initially did some cost comparisons of press supplies and the cost of a vacuum pump and all of the consumables, from a cost perspective it did not work out in my head, hence why I went with a press. Cost of entry is why most people vacuum, and it takes up a bit less space. This will not be the only pair of skis I build, so putting a bit more cash out for the press was not the end of the world. My plan is to press at 40psig, the most you can get out of a vacuum set up is typically around 15psig, so Im hoping that adds a lot of durability to the skis, time will tell if my logic is sound. 


19 minutes ago, eaf said:

Will the hoses really get that fat to fill the vertical gap?

The hose is 4" dia, so in theory it would fill the vertical gap, the cassette with the skis in it will also add about 3/4 of an inch of height. I want the hose to inflate to about 2" tall when pressing to distribute some of the load across the cat track.  I left the gap a bit big to be honest. Its easier to shim the bottom mold up than to rebuild the press when the cassette does not fit in! 

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Wednesday night I glued the sidewalls to the core and then on Thursday I profiled everything. I had a bit of a learning curve and one of the sidewalls pulled away from the core a bit but was easily fixed with more superglue. 981e0251028f85a618eb1afe410bc6f2.jpg
Next I attached the tip and tail spacers with some superglue and hot glue

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Wow, they look fantastic. I wish I could see the faces of folks where you're gonna be tuning these.

Are the binding pieces from two different sets?

Did I miss the part where you glued the bases? Or is the orange sheet it? What's that black strip in the middle, some sort of carbon?

And the variable thickness, is that due to the wood profile or epoxy alone? How did you even shape it that way?

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