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A great way to waste time and money


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This is so so sick and I remember you talking about this years ago so extra points for putting your ideas into reality. Super super sick dude. 

Fanboy questioeach other.

What kinda ski are you building ? Like what design ?

Your using 19oz triax on most of the ski and 22oz around the bindings ? 

Poplar cores ?

Rice paper graphic for the top sheet or just solids for now ?

What kind of press are you going to build ? Your very technical if I remember right,  my step dad got a pair of custom Gilsons this winter and for a tiny place they are doing some hot shit with machines heating plates and sort of flip core 2.0. Firehose can be had cheap.  

Regardless dude serious props, I'd love to see them next time we run into eachother. Also that was like 5 of 400 questions I have lol



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2 hours ago, GSSucks said:

Hopefully a fun ski, Im honestly going into this first pair with no expectations for it. If it looks like a ski and gets me down the hill once or twice it will be a success. Its been a learning experience and damn fun at the same time. Ive always liked tinkering with things, maybe thats why I became an engineer. I have yet to need to buy any tools and I come from a carpentry background so I kinda jumped in. I have had a design drawn in CAD for a few years but just never went any further. I now also have a full suite of AutoCAD at home and clicked print one day, knowing that was the first step that I needed to get this kicked off. 

The ski should press out to be 187cm, with a rocker camber rocker profile and full sidewall construction. Dimensions are 130-108-122 with a 20m radius in the tip and 21m radius in the tail, full bamboo core with some tip and tail fill. Im shooting for one layer of 19oz below the core, two layers of 19 oz above the core and a layer of 22oz in the binding mat. This should create a pretty stiff ski. Top sheet on this pair will likely be white because I want to see how they ski before I invest in sub-lamination printing of a top sheet. 

Im not 100% set on a design for the press yet, I know I have 50' of 4" fire hose waiting for me at my parents house. The original plan was not going to be pneumatic, then my dad pulled thru with some fire hose so I figured why not. I was planning on making the press with a mechanical clamping feature to start that I could use all of the pieces to the go full pneumatic, but now Im just going for it. I ran a bunch of FEA and did some hand calculations and think most people vastly over build presses. Im planning on making it out of wood, I can easily work with wood. My dad was a welder for years and has a few welders, so if I need a frame built in the long run Ill go that route at that point. Ill be building the profile into the bottom mold, Ill build a simple cat track and then press with the fire hose. Shooting to press the first pair at 50psi, and Ill see how they work if I need to increase that or if Im good with that tonnage. 

Ill hopefully have them at Blue towards the end of the season and anyone can ski them if you fit in the bindings. Ill keep posting updates, things dont always go as fast as Id like with a newborn at home!

That ski sounds awesome and I bet you'll be super impressed with the way it skis .  Shit it's a ski you made but your layup sounds good and bamboo cores are awesome with triax. 22oz in the bindings should be nice and stiff too. A non metal stiff ski is the best of both worlds.

A wood press is baller, I know people do it and at least one could do 60psi with your background you could do some cool stuff with a wood press and I think most people use metal so they don't have to do the math lol 

Super sick, I can't wait to see them when there done.

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Fire hose cut to length
Bottom mold, cat track and upper mold. I have one hose inflated here.

I screwed up buying air line fittings and got NPTM and not NPTF so back to the hardware store tonight. I got a bunch done this weekend but never really stopped to take pictures. Hopefully I’ll be pressing this week or next weekend.

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2 hours ago, Schif said:

There was a split second a week ago when I thought the firehose might be getting cut up and inlayed inside the ski hahahaha

I thought he was gonna hose something down, which I was looking forward to.  

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