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1 hour ago, C1erArt said:

Have a plate in my knee from mine.

Yikes. Luckily I did not need surgery, just lots and lots of PT.

@RidgeRacer we went to Ryce last night! Tried for burgers at The Last Steep but sadly sign said closed for the season. 

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Quick little solo tour on Snodgrass to test out my new boots. They have a cool feature called the Hoji lock system. You buckle boots in ski mode like you will go downhill, then switch the back lever to walk mode and all the buckles AND the power strap loosen. So you don’t have to fumble with 4 buckles and power strap for transitions, just flip up the lever, pretty cool! 

Just went up a mile and came back down. Toes numb when I got back to my car, not sure if the boots need an adjustment or it was just cold out. 



Skin track icy as hell! 

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Got about 2” of snow overnight. The mountain skied weird today. We went right up Silver Queen to Paradise bowl and the snow was like cream cheese. Some parts were wind blown and icy, the fresh snow was very sticky. After 2 runs of that nonsense I told Dan I wanted to go over to the front side and see if it was better there. 

Skied some off the front and it was more groomed but still icy. Found the best snow off the Teocali Lift. Didn’t seem affected by the wind at all. But that lift is so painfully slow. Think it’s about 12ish min. I could only do a few runs there. Temps were cold w a brisk wind. When I checked my phone at lunch it was 12. But sunny. 

Only took a few pics off Teo, hands were cold. 


Dan still on the mountain. 

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First real ski lodge lunch I had all season so far. I usually cheap out and just bring pocket snacks. I had a Korean beef BBQ bowl that was very tasty. Dan had chicken fingers and fries. I stole some of his fries, I was hungry don’t judge. 

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3 minutes ago, RidgeRacer said:

That looks pretty freaking awesome and Barb he better let you steal his fries because I know you made sure the fridge was filled with deliciousness 

Reminds me of when I crashed at my friends house and woke up in the middle of the night with the munchies…leftover ribs, an ice cream drumstick and I ate a bunch of his Japanese chewy candy which was hidden in a cupboard.   Reminds me of when I stayed at Johnny Styles Aspen house and the first night we arrived late and didn’t get any groceries so at breakfast the next day, he said help yourself and I searched high and low for something better than peanuts and apples and found a Twix bar in a drawer and asked if I could have that and he said anything but that lol.  

Right now JFDan is probably telling anybody who will listen on the bus to town about Blue mountain and how he skis the double blacks.   

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