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AHoles in JHole 2024….

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January 26, 2024…..day 3 of 7.  

Hey All,


I’m back from another fun day at Jackson hole mountain resort.  Today began with a few flakes falling and an angry inch of new snow on the mountain. Temperatures in the 20s with light winds and partly sunny skies with areas of fog.  In the house were Atomic Jeff, NMSki, Dirtwolf and Mute.  

First civilian gondola again and finally got that dream Amphitheater, full visibility, completely empty, and wall to wall cord carpet with an inch of titty sparkles on top. Up Thunder and Laramie was similar and I flew down that.  Then Bivoac which wasn’t groomed but still very soft and grippy back to Sublette and skied ten sleep bowl to the cirque which was pretty good and still plenty of freshies. Now amphitheater was fully in the fog..back up thunder and skied grand which wasn’t as good as yesterday but OK…


Then a Bivoac woods run…mostly moguls…up Sublette again and Sublette had a pretty long high as people were staying high to avoid the fog, usually when I try and stay high in in a fog.  The boys then did the Hobacks and I wanted to preserve myself so did Bivoac again to Rendevous trail to south pass traverse to Gros verte to the base.  I was way to early at the base and just did a quick teewinot lap just to kill some time.  

Met up with Ajeff, Mute and NMSki a few minutes later and I guess Dirtwolf got sick in the Hobacks, I didn’t remember if he just spewed or blew chunks, he definitely hurled.  Then up teewinot to apres vous then down a pretty crappy groomer to teton lift then skied a woods/bump run through stoke ville and I was getting tired so went back to the car to join Dirtwolf and the others did two more runs then we had lunch at the Mangy Moose.  




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