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BC/XC anything but resort skiing.


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9 hours ago, AirheadD8 said:

Wait till you try putting them on in a 20mph wind 😁Mine are 9yrs old and still work well. The rubber bungee type hook works on both sets of skis. 


I ran across this video that has some tips about halfway through for removal/install in the wind...


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Lancaster County Park yesterday morning.

A bit sticky buy doable once I rubbed on some fresh wax.  Was better later that night.

Somehow I missed the memo I was planning on driving up to Crystal Lake but no reason to do that with 4" of snow here when I woke up



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I got out this afternoon on my way home from work at Bicentennial Park and it was really enjoyable. I was hoping to get on the Nor-Bath trail but bozos took snowmobiles on it and dug up a bunch of gravel. I just cruised around the park in the snow. A few other tracks out there from yesterday. Lovely afternoon to be out!




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Tried out the HOK skis today!  We got about 4+ inches overnight and it was snowy all morning. There were 5 of us today and we went to the same park but went in the trees more. The HOK skis are definitely good for that, walking over logs etc. 

Descending the small hills is so much easier. With the permanent skin on the middle third it really slows you down. It fees much different then trying to descend with full skins on my touring skis. These don’t grab as much. 





Overall we just tooled around looking for little hills do go down. Some look like they will be fun when they get filled in more. 

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I admit it’s a little lame of me that I haven’t been downhill skiing yet. But today we woke up to about 6” of powdery snow. On my morning dog walk the neighborhood roads had not been plowed yet. 



So I immediately went home and got my new XC skis and skied from my front door all around my neighborhood on untracked snow. Some fun sustained “downhill”.  Took it slow, still getting used to going downhill on XC skis. 


Husband had his own fun fooling around with the snowblower. 


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So far it’s been a lot of fun. Not sure if I would do a true backcountry day here because not only is the terrain very steep, but it is very avalanche prone. We have already had one avalanche on 11/25 that partially buried 4 skiers. CAIC issued an avalanche warning for this weekend naming 2 entire mountain ranges and “The mountains around Marble.”  

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The place was pretty happening today, parking lot about full.  Was a lot of fun.  They have a nice warming hut with snack lunch a wood stove and resident dogs.  I am appreciating the xc experience more every year although I wish there were closer places like this with maintained and groomed trails

Got about 25km in twice around red once around blue orange yellow and black and they were grooming all day to keep the snow fast as it came down

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