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2/24 - not great, but not bad at all


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What else is there to say? It’s exactly what you would expect after 65° and sunny weather. Felt like end of season skiing. Didn’t see anybody but I parked up top to meet other people so was probably off cycle. JADIP - just another day in Palmerton. 


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Hey All,

I’m back from another fun session at Blue mountain the true mountain. I arrived at the lower lot at 8:35 and it was 28 degrees under cloudy sky’s. In the house were TP4 and Bethlehem Ford Guy. 

First civilian quad. First run on challenge was not bad, a little soft, sugar/corn. Main street was ROTD. Similar to challenge but a lot smoother. Switchback was good, did a lower widowmaker to chute and sidewinder. Sidewinder was ok, but firmer than the rest.

Liftlines were not a problem, longest wait was maybe 5 min. Razors edge was closed. Same conditions for every run really, thought it was going to be pretty bad but it wasn’t at all. Coverage is still ok.

Meant to write this post when I got back but had a call at 11 and I’m just getting to it now. Going to make some ramen, continue working, then maybe have some beers and clean up outside.

Hoping to ski tomorrow but not sure. Rob winkle might in the house and you know what he says, ice ice baby.


edit - sorry, i didn't notice @toast21602 post can this be moved


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2 hours ago, Johnny Law said:

You made it out that's always better than more time in front of a screen working. 

Was it a solid re freeze ? It got to 33 here so I was hoping it wasn't full brick. 


No it wasn’t terrible at all. Somewhat firm sugar that was good until it got skied hard. Typical east coast refreeze. I’ve skied worse conditions this year. Still a solid base everywhere. Looking forward to a refresh in the future. 

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8 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Friday night until Monday night look like four good nights of snowmaking in a row...Blue will be entering March with a super solid base and you know what Toast says...it’s all about the base. 

Well looking at yesterday it took a beating. I had to move my pass up to my top pocket, it wouldn’t work in my pants pocket. I actually expected to see worse.  
Hopefully Mother Nature will throw us a bone in March. 

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Just now, toast21602 said:

It appears another medevac has departed Blue. Can anybody there confirm?



 Just saw it fly over as I was taking my boots off but I wasn't sure where it left from.  Upper lodge area I guess?


6 minutes ago, billskis said:

@psufly - nice beer - assume you brown bagged that one?

Yeah they're not serving treehouse at blue unfortunately.   If you stop by the lot one weekend there's usually a variety of great beer

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