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The 2022-23 ski season thread.

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I enjoy a few highlights from the trial on YouTube.  It’s really interesting and there are some county and district judges who livestream arraignments, sentencing and all types of stuff.  It boggles my mind how disrespectful some of the defendants are to the judge.  Some of them have such light charges that they’re just gonna get a fine or probation unless they say fuck you to the judge and some do that and get contempt and thrown right into jail.  Crazy. 

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Holy crap…scary stuff. So a guy was skiing through the woods at Mount baker and saw a snowboard under a tree out of the corner of his eye and he was able to rescue a snowboarder who had fallen into a very deep tree well   




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52 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Snowbird is closed today for avalanche mitigation. They’ve had like three dozen interlodges this season. 


it seems like they are at the point were any little bit of snow causes issues with avalanches.  The road has been closed a ton.  

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Warm bluebird morning at Eldora. My friend and I did exactly one tree run and it was like a luge, super icy. So we did laps on the front then went to the backside. First 2 runs were good, then everyone seemed to find their way back there and that lift is painfully slow. Ended the day with about 10 runs and the snow was turning to mush. Car said 40 degrees when we were done. 


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10 hours ago, Ski2Live Live2Ski said:

16 Indy Days

16 Epic Days

1 "3rd Indy day" at 25% off

1 $25 day at Plattekill

1 $45 day at Belleayre

Total of 35 days = 2nd biggest season yet


Next year all Epic

What was the price per minute skied? 

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7 hours ago, RidgeRacer said:

There were absolutely no mega lift lines this last season. The new lift solved for that. 


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There isnt much reasoning with a guy that buys an ex-cop car and thinks its "cherry", so dont bother.  


The only time we had a line was before the Summit Safari Super 6 pack Supreme was opened.  i definetly skied more runs per day than i did last year, i feel like all the time there was barely a line at the new 6. 


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I’ve been living vicariously through the mammoth and Tahoe vlogs.  It’s been really warm out there and the snow is melting fast a lot of construction projects are just starting up after a massive amount of snow removal and that’s in the town below the ski resort. Also lots of issues with bears right now..


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