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  1. Too bad you weren't there Sunday for the Subaru fest.
  2. Thanks! Looks grate! Be sure to take a few runs down it.
  3. indiggio


    I can't make up my mind, so I do a little of both.
  4. Spied a plastic bag in the snow on lower Main from the flying couch, looked like it contained a cellphone. Skied down to find it contained someone's wallet! I bet they were bummin' big time when they discovered it missing. Hopefully they went in and claimed it.
  5. Only one way to get better at them...
  6. Seems to be something about Winter Park... On a trip with the wife a way back when, we were over in Mary Jane and I wanted to take her down Roundhouse, a blue, but missed the right turn to stay on it and ended up dragging her down Trestle, a totally bumped up black. Needless to say, it was a very quiet evening that night. Lesson learned. It's usually easier to take the shorter walk back up than the long way down, being yelled at the entire way. Wow, looking at the trail map, they've expanded a ton. I need to get back there.
  7. Did I miss yesterday's report?
  8. Woo Hoo!! Looks like we dodged the deluge for Thursday! But no snow for Saturday. I'll take it.
  9. Grate report @enjoralas!! Winter Park is a fun mountain. Gotta head over the Mary Jane area, if not to just see the mogul runs that bumpers salivate over. Y'all have a blast out there!
  10. Seem to have ample snow in Challenge, much bigger whales on upper headwall. Discussions surrounded whether they’ll push out the mounds before the r@$n Thursday. Hopefully when they do push them they don’t go real wide with it and keep it as deep as possible, as it’s going to spread out on its own. Looked like there was a gun not blowing mid-Switch that left a gap in the mounds, but they should have enough made to cover it pretty well.
  11. Be sure to park at the summit!
  12. For like 1 or two runs... Wow, looks busy up there already!
  13. Evidently they are blowing switch!
  14. Typical Blue mountain (lack of) logic...
  15. Would have been better off working on Switch. At least it’s shaded so the snow won’t be beaten on by the sun.
  16. Well, at least they said something to avoid a run like the other week! Not surprising Razor's is in that state with upcoming races every weekend, they want it rock solid.
  17. Yeah, we noticed that too, especially when we went over to Targhee. They don't have time to ski, they're too busy working 3 jobs to afford living out there in their cars.
  18. When we were out there, Slim got a kick out of asking all the waiters/waitresses how many jobs they were working in order to live out there.
  19. That's cool because a lot of people out there work 3 jobs. Did you share the Bison Cowboy? 10/10!
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