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Black Friday roll call...


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Hey all,


After 2 days off the slopes I'm itching to get back out there. Anybody gonna be at Blue mountain this Friday for their reopening??? With 5-9+ inches of new snow expected tomorrow, conditions should be nice and its supposed to be a bluebird. Remember that they don't open until 830am Friday so you can sleep in a little bit!!!

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Gonna be pillows in the woods. I wonder how much stuff gets poached Friday??? Unfortunately a little melt will happen tomorrow during the afternoon followed by some refreezing Friday night which means u can leave your snorkel at home.

Scouted out some things last Sunday.....just how mad do they get at you if they happen to notice you veering off into the woods?

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Woods they don't get mad...closed trails yes.

Ah- great to know.....

I don't think much will be skiable. they had a pretty large snow melt from Monday and Tuesday...

Yeah, for sure. - was really thinking ahead to mid winter.  Even then, who knows if some of the things we were looking at would be skiable, but always fun to dream....

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