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PASR does Pulpit Rock 2/20/21


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Super fun time this morning with a great group of people.....Snow was fantastic...Stellar Pa views at the summit.....Some nice turns on the way down...Nice to finally meet Ed Bacon...Glad we got there early ...there were a lot of cars parked on the access road to the parking area...

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Great day to stretch the legs. I think that’s edbacon and Jordan in front of me.

wallys was loving the snow despite his 😐 face. He’s literally slept on day since. He has the powder legs.


at the lookout point. That’s Jordan, @EdBacon, @toast21602, and @mbike-ski


And toast about to sending it off the edge.


this is the crew going back up to investigate a new route.


solid morning. Would 100% do it again if the snow pack maintains.

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1 hour ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Wally got major props from Schifdawg and Mixilplix for how good he is as a skiing companion. 

Maybe he will follow you down Burma one day if you're lucky

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