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Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!


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1 minute ago, theprogram4 said:

I'm gonna start taking pics each time I go snowboarding, that way you can verify them on my stat sheet.  I figured it would be helpful for the unofficial stats manager 

Did you ski in 1/15 MLK day??  If you did I apologize. Remember you're the one who put spring and blue on two seperate days to boost your stats 

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1 minute ago, Shadows said:

I propose an Asterisk system. That would give day/night flair as well.

we do need a seperate list for days and nights, because as of now, you cannot even log night sessions, only day sessions.  using that reasoning, the same PASR's hating on me are using #fakestats, because they are logging their nights as days

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Everybody send Vibes to PARidge..he hit a tree and several patrollers are carting him down in a sled from about 2500 vert up. I was way ahead and didn't see. Jeff and mike and Glenn are with him. He's conscience Jeff said he was scratching his face.  Sucks this is a surprise pow day. This is where I'm posting from. 


Theres really nothing I can do except ski some more runs and visit Dom later in the hospital.  


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