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Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!


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Day 3 of 7


Hey all,


I'm back from a deep deep day at JHMR. We left the 49er at 7:20am and it was just before 8am before we were booted up and in the village.  MBike Mike and Nastar Glenn got their lift tickets and I hungout in the front of the singles line with Dennis my local buddy who won the Teton county fair caramel and cookie contest..a true legend.  He even hand flexed my shiros which gave me a semi. 


The gondola started loading a few minutes after 9 and we took the exact same root as yesterday. Heavy slightly tracked up Amphitheater to the thunder then Grand which was deep to sublette to the run of the trip. Ten sleep bowl which was derp to the cirque which was knee deep with snow billowing up to my belly burton. 


Up thunder again back to grand which was pretty tracked up and to the Hobacks which was great till almost the bottom. Plenty of swaths of untracked and by the bottom I was sweating 😅 more than getting pulled over by a cop after smoking some loud.


We then navigated around from the union pass chair to the teewinot up apres vous into some woods over to Casper lift and over to Marmot lift. Top of marmot made a quick pit stop for some water at the summit lodge. Then into the same woods we tracked out yesterday. The six of us did the best we could to ski every fresh turn in the two sections of woods off of marmot three runs straight. Hearing Nastar Glenn's hoots and hollers and see him emerge through a giant evergreen tree was worth the price of admission. After those three ski runs I was getting tired. Me, mike, Glenn and Atomic Jeff then skied the additional 2,000 vert through variable conditions down to the base and took the shuttle to the Kardashian mobile to debit and NMSki and JFDan skied one more run and met us at the alpenhof where we spent two hours waiting for food and 8 minutes eating. The food was really good. Me and Atomic Jeff shared the sausage platter and I had a cup of goulash..I drank a lot yesterday and was dehydrated so had water and an Arnold Palmer and the men had 4-5 pitchers of Spaten...now back in the 49er and gonna go to the bre bre brewery in a couple house. PARidge is in town and just had Wendy's.  I wonder if he had a burcanator.  


Its 40 degrees in town and a giant puddle..tomorrow I'm trading the shiros for mantras as it will be the first on perder day of the trip. 






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