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Jackson Hole stoke thread...2015-16!!!


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2 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

Jerry of the day. 


What makes he/she a jerry? I haven't found any RTMs yet or skis on backwards. Is it their attire? My first time skiing I wore a full body snowsuit colored all orange, and in hindsight probably looked like a jerry.

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1 hour ago, NMSKI said:

The whole crew slaying the bottom of bivouac


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Wow looks pretty cool for a non powder day. MBike Mike just rapped a hip hop jingle that will likely be Jackson Holes new advertising slogan. 

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January 29th, 2018


Day 4 of 7


Hey All,

I'm back from another fun day at Jackson hole mountain resort.  Today we had all 7 illustrious PASRs in the hiz-Ouse. Atomic Jeff, JFDan, NMSki, MBike Mike, Nastar Glenn, GrilledCheesePanini and PARidge.  We left the 49er at 740am and were in the Ranch lot at 8am. All 7 of us fit comfortably in the Kardashian Suburban and we were on the first couple of civilian gondolas.   


First run on Amphitheater was the ill Shiz-nit.  Smooth carpet of groomed with about an inch of fresh pow pow on top. Next run some of us did Grand some Laramie bowl. I chose Laramie 🍚 and it was mad steezy yo!!  After that we skied ten sleep bowl which had some fresh blown in maybe 3-5" which felt a little weird to ski on my mantras and the ungroomed part of the cirque was funky and the groomed part was fast and smooth into amphitheater back to the thunder chair. Then up thunder and I did Grand this time.  All 7 of us then skied bivouac woods which was soft and chalky and fun and NMSki got like 50 pictures mainly of Atomic Jeff who is his man crush Monday. 


We then went back to sublette for a third time and enjoyed Pepis run and some trees. Was very nice mainly steep bumps..MBike Mike was in his element. Sublette was stopped with a half Corral of people so we went back to the thunder lift. I was sweating like I popped a molly, ate spicy food, sat in a sauna or went through a field sobriety checkpoint and eating snow wasn't cutting it so I took a rowdy upper Amphitheater to nez perce traverse to lower Casper to Casper lodge for a purple Gatorade and soft pretzel with queso on a picnic table outside and cooled off a bit then I went up Casper and back to thunder and met up with the rest of the gang. 


MBike, Nastar Glenn and JFDan took marmot to hydrate at the lodge at the top of the gondola and me, Atomic Jeff, NMSki and PARidge took thunder back up to a spicy 🌶 Grand up sublette and we high tailed it to the Hobacks which was mad Katy Perry..hot and cold..cool entrance with banked turns some chowder some Sastugi, some crud and some brush. Was a challenging run and I made some yellow snow.  I had my Phil like mickelson at this point and Me, Atomic Jeff and NMSki went back to the car to deboot and met the others at the mangy moose..where I had two strong island iced teas and about 5 pitchers between us and all types of food. Then we took shuttle back to car and had an impromptu sing along on the way back and Atomic Jeff was kind enough to play Tom Pettys learning to fly for Nastar Glenn. 


Now back at the 49er and soon will be in the party room after Atomic Jeff does his run for a PowerPoint presentation recapping today...as Ice cube said,"Today was a good day"

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Today was fucking fun! Huge thanks to Jeff for showing us some of the steeps (paintbrush and tower 3 chute). I had been eyeing those up all trip so far and I love me some steeps! (Real steeps, not camelback steeps). Got that great day 4 in a row feeling when everything is clicking. Boots feel good, legs and lungs are strong, and of course I still emit ridiculous amounts of pheromones. A hot lifty told me she was single! Sorry ladies, this stud is taken. Life is good!

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