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Opening weekend roll call 11/25-11/27


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So with the new lift not yet up I guess the only way to really do Burma will be Tuts-Connector-Burma-Shuttle-Homestretch.

If Lazy Mile is really a mile, that's gotta be close to 2 miles.

And it's gonna be a traverse over to the top lot unless you ride Vista

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35 minutes ago, Benm said:

i need more info on the tipsy taco food truck

I think they have margaritas.  I remember seeing the menu and I believe it was open last season. 

and yes I like Pina Coladas..getting caught in the rain not so much unless the PASRs have a tent. 

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I don’t know if all y’all have noticed the pictures and drone video but Blue went full send on the snowmaking..eye of the tiger type shit.  This is the stuff dreams are made of at least in terms of PA skiing. I’ll check back through the archives but this is the second November opening in the past four seasons with two years ago I believe 11/16 being the earliest. I’ll check back in the archives to see how many times blue has opened in November.  The first Root Friday opening was in 2008 when Root and Tarpenhead burst out onto the Blue mountain/PASR scene straight out of Jersey..and I believe there’s been about 7 total November openings at Blue the true.   I know when I was interviewed on WFMZ opening day 2019 I said,”this is bonus skiing” as Johnny law says,”anything before Martin Luther king day” is a bonus and also “if it’s dark more hours if the day it’s gonna get colder”…fucking legend!!!

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