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AHoles in JHole 2024….

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1 hour ago, AtomicSkier said:

ahaha that's great.  he was waiting for us.

I figured. No clue how long he was standing around, literally went to cams and saw it. Next frame (i think they refresh each minute) everyone was there. How you all are having a good time. 

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2 hours ago, NMSKI said:

I am trying to rally some troops to hike over past Casper bowl to the crags.

There is a line there called Beartooth. It’s on the trail map.  It gets a decent amount of shade from the sun and the times I was there snow was good. (Pic of me in the middle of the run last year).


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Seasonal snowfall at the plot in rendezvous bowl sits at 199” there is good coverage on most of the terrain..in the area below the stoke glades there was one area I had to do some rock navigating and yesterday in  Rawlins bowl I even had to do a few hop turns and got bucked a few times and my only fall was on a painted yellow curb. 

First run on Amphitheater was only the dude from Montauk who used to work for Billy Joel so turned it up to max velocity other PASRs pointing out cloud formations. Don’t wanna be in their spray..only person on the run..only Tommy moe was gonna catch me…Laramie bowl 55mph corduroy…Mute said you guys were skiing fast..no shit perfect vis and a couple empty runs.  That’s why you arrive early..Friday is the new Saturday at ski areas. 

The lift lines are so orderly everybody merges when they should twos pair up on quads almost everybody lowers the bar. The old school gruff atmosphere gone…the mangy moose not rowdy..

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26 minutes ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

A good thing I was talking about spread eagles on the chairlift with NMSki and not Backflips….

I’d be in the hospital right now!

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January 28, 2024


Day 5 of 7


Hey All,


I’m back from another day at Jackson hole mountain resort.  There were a few flakes falling this morning and the temperature was in the mid 20s.  First civilian gondola again and sadly visibility wasn’t great early on with real flat light.  The snow on amphitheater and Laramie bowl was nice..Rendevous trail also nice snow and a little better visibility.


Did another Sublette lap then skied Lower tram line to the base.  Mute had time for one more run before he had to leave for his flight and we took teewinot to Apres vous said bye to Mute, watched a few of the racers then skied over to the teton lift up teton and over to Casper area which had ok snow then up Casper and over to the Marmet lift which I haven’t been on in a few years and gives a different perspective.  

Crowds weren’t as bad as yesterday..a half corral max at Sublette, nothing really at thunder and minimal waits elsewhere. From marmet skied ranger under the gondola which was chalk bumps, then into Sundance gully to the base.  I had my fill and NMSki took the tram for another lap.  

We had a quick lunch at the Mangy moose and now back in town…last night most of us went to the cowboy bar.  It was packed to the gills with a band and the male female ratio was about 85:15 but most of the females were hot..I guess cause pf Taylor swift country music has gotten popular with chicks cause some were dresses like cowgirls and there was even a bachelorette party.  

due to low visibility I didn’t take many photos.  Let’s hope the sun comes out tomorrow.  

pictures from Laramie bowl second run. 



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