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Colorado Road Trip - Telluride, Silverton, Crested Butte, Aspen


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13 hours ago, Johnny Law said:

Today was beyond words, the excitement just going to the airport was all time and when our bird flew over I think my dick moved.  

The scenery is unrivaled and I spent both flights glued to the windows. It's hard to pick a favorite skiing experience, the stupid fun at blue, stupid deep days out west, great adventures in the woods but this maybe my favorite and I got wicked sick.  

I don't puke like ever and I puked 4 times in the parking lot when we got back. I don't think it was altitude, I was definitely huffing but that's pretty normal and it doesn't jack with your stomach. Maybe the sushi but I came back to the ski mansion and spent some time with the porcelain throne and still maybe my favorite day ever.  

That's how good it was, Silverton if you like that kind of thing is something everyone should do.  The views alone are worth the trip and while I have extra motivation to get back having seriously disappointed myself it was one of those days I'll remember super fondly for the rest of my days.

Super shout out to Cincy, I didn't get to say adieu formally but the heli pics and video are super cool.  


Everybody always remembers there first time...

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1 minute ago, Johnny Law said:

Not my first time there too but from a helicopter it's totally different.  To see telluride like that was insane.

I don't have a foggy lens, the windows are light plastic on choppers so not perfectly clean but you get the point.  


I meant the heli ski part of it...I know you have been around.... I didn't know if this was the first heli trip.....

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7 hours ago, Mixilplix said:

I meant the heli ski part of it...I know you have been around.... I didn't know if this was the first heli trip.....

No your totally right that's part of what made it so insane, it would be like seeing your gf but totally new way

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3 minutes ago, AtomicSkier said:

What a great start to the Road Trip.  It’s been a fun week with @skiincy @Barb @Johnny Law @NMSKI so far.  My first Tride day was a perfect blue bird day.  The boys first day at Telluride was an unexpected 10” diamond dust powder day.  Silverton was fucking boner doner tits mcgee.  @NMSKI said he even saw titty sparkles.

I plan on skiing a few pow runs tomorrow AM before heading to the airport with @NMSKI, going for a run in Montrose, and then heading to @Barb’s place in Crested Butte.   I’ll be there for the next 3+ weeks.  I’m hoping to see @mute1080 at some point.  My buddy Tom is also flying out for a few days.  After that, Aspen most likely. 

And to finish this off, it wasn’t perfect powder skiing at Silverton.  On the lower part of the heli drop, a tree ripped my pole right out of my hand.  I wasn’t pleased. 


Am I seeing things or were your skies momentarily off of the ground right when you lost your pole?!?

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Looks like 8-16” in Crested Butte thru tomorrow night. Hope your drive isn’t too bad. Driving home yesterday I didn’t see asphalt the first 2 hours and Monarch Pass was white knuckle conditions. Husband was very pleased I was home to take over dog walking duty since it was -5 this morning. 

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21 hours ago, NMSKI said:

Wow what a way to end a just about perfect ski trip.  Skied open to close with a little burrito break in there.  Started off the morning with some really fun groomers, then skied some very fun bumps with @AtomicSkier.  The sun was trying to come out for a minute and we headed over to revelation bowl to see if it was nice over there.  Skiers left was just about the flattest light you could imagine and was practically vertigo inducing.  Did another run down the right side which was much nicer.  Even a few semi fresh turns in there.  We came back up the revelation lift and we noticed the gate to the gold hill chutes was open.  @Johnny Lawand I skied gold hill 1 which was very nice up top with an extremely sporty exit.  Next up we decided to take a walk.  Took prospect express up and took the skis off and headed up the hike to access black iron bowl and palmyra basin.  Took us about 35 minutes and a couple sketchy climbs then we decided to ski mountain quail, which I’d had my eye on from afar all week.  Huuuuge cornice then nice soft steep snow all the way into palmyra basin.  Next up we decided to hike bald mountain which was more challenging of a hike than I expected due to no boot pack for part of the way and post holing in deep snow at one point.  At the top we were treated to knee deep untouched blower.  I guess that area doesn’t get skied much.  In the afternoon we did some fun groomers.  Now beer o clock.

Law in Gold Hill 1


The climb to Mountain Quail and looking down


untouched pow on bald mountain before law wrecks it and law subsequently slaying it





Are last three pictures lift serviced or hike to terrain?

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Welcome to Crested Butte which is the first place I ever skied in Colorado back in 2001 the year I graduated from college and my second ever ski trip out west...I hope the owner of the rental you’re staying at left some nightlife options for you, two ply toilet paper and perhaps even a robe or two.  Enjoy. 

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