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3/5/22...nice snow..fun

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I’ll add more later but this mornings conditions were very good. Razors, switchback, challenge and Main Street were all nice packed powder..midwinter conditions and me and Matt Edge even checked out the Ski-doo stand which was rad.  The last time I was over in the overflow lot on the west side of the valley lot was when I woke up Johnny Law when he was camping out for a Perder day. 






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1 hour ago, GrilledSteezeSandwich said:

I honestly don’t think it matters to slednecks...if they’re dropping $10k+ on a snowmachine a couple extra gallons of gas doesn’t matter. 

yup.  If the cost of gas is a factor when purchasing a snowmobile, jetski, or boat, you shouldnt even consider it.  My waverunner burned 12 gallons an hour at full throttle.  Zero fucks given on the price of gas, just a huge grin.  


Back on topic, good ski day today.  First runs were great, and then of course it didnt get better, but still good skiing and parking lot stuff.  

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Today was sooo good, even better snow than yesterday everywhere except coming soon which was still pretty good.

Excellent crew two chairs deep formation flying is tits Mcgee and you could put the hammer down all over the place. 

I hope this slop coming doesn't do too much damage as it is skiing so good right now.

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