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the pics from today thread


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The Asa Packed mansion is also a good place to visit it Jim Thorpe. He was a multi millionaire businessman in the 1800s and founded Lehigh University. I was there but it was so long ago that I may have to go there again. Maybe on a date as visits to the fun rink don't always roll smoothly pun definitely intended

I like the old jail myself...

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Is this right near boulder?

Started the hike at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) in south Boulder. Hiked the Mesa trail to Chautauqua, also in Boulder. The west side of town has a great network of trails.

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Thought I would take advantage of the beautiful close to full moon tonight and go for a hike. I was just starting to wonder how I was the only one on the trail since it was so warm and inviting out. Then I spotted another headlamp in the trail below me but quickly realized it wasn't a headlamp; they were eyes. A small bear but I thought mama bear may be nearby so I got out of there looking behind me and freaking myself out the entire way down.

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Went for a hike in Wissahickon this afternoon. It was interesting hiking a lot of the same trails I normally bike and get a different perspective. Also hiked some trails I've never been on before which was cool.




We got a bit of a late start and just made it back to the car before it was totally dark. We also found this weird looking tree stump that looks like a deer head!



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