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Only game in town - how much longer?

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Talked to someone on the phone from Camelback and they say they are staying open mid week and planning to go through March 29.

Of course not really counting on that as that is what folks who worked at JF were staying yesterday. 

May check them out Friday if they make it that long.  Hard to know what to expect from anything these days except more stuff closing down unexpectedly every day though.

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This e learning stuff is going to fuck my shit up today.  With my wife being at work at the hospital all day (gross and concerning), I’ll have my kids with me at work and am supposed to guide them thr

Your time share available?  Asking for @JFskiDan

Salty just go to hunter mountain. 

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Yep closing at 4pm tomorrow (unless they change their mind again and close after today which seems like at least 50/50 odds).


Re-opening April 2 only for non Snow activities


Closest place that may be open after Tues = Smugglers Notch?

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At this point, i'm banking on my ski season essentially being done. It's a shame, since I just got new boots which I put one day in on saturday, and new skis and touring bindings which I haven't even mounted up yet. Was supposed to be headed to CO for a few days this friday, but that's out of the question now. I still have a sliver of hope that things might calm down enough in a month or so and tuckermans could still be in play, but honestly I think even that is unlikely. Probably not the worst ski season I've had, but definitely not too near the top of the list, either.

Please, for the sake of your elderly or immunocompromised friends and family, keep to yourselves, stay at home if you're sick (or even if you're not sick), and wash your damn hands.

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I’m thinking perhaps I’ll be able to ski Abasin in like May if they reopen then..very very unlikely though.  The people on the Ikon pass group are having hissy fits talking about filing class action lawsuits against Alterra because the promised services were not rendered.  Some haven’t even used their pass yet this season but were planning on a spring trip while others only used it a few times...cry me a river ski season has been 4 months long and if you didn’t pay for your pass and more that’s your own fault. 

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I worked so hard to keep people out of my office today.  Three separate people wanted appointments and two were understanding I’ll mail them some info other one was more like what am I supposed to do...then asked me if she should cancel her PT appointment.  The foot doctor across the street from me has had about 1/4 of the normal traffic..

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